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    Gifts for the Constant Cleaner

    If you’ve got someone in the family who loves cleaning so much that they could give Mrs Hinch a run for her money, a powerful vacuum cleaner will be right at the top of their list. Not sure on the best one for the job? Our little elves have put together this festive guide to help you brush up on your knowledge.

    The vacuum we're a sucker for

    Shark Powered Lift Away NV681UK Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Clean your way to your neat-freak’s heart with this Shark vacuum. Filled with a load of clever tech, they’ll be itching to try this out on Christmas morning - sucking up every pine needle and scrap of wrapping paper in sight.

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    Look what it can do...

    Lift Away

    This clever tech means they can lift the cylinder off the wand, so it’s easier for them to reach different areas. Whether there’s cobwebs on the coving or crumbs under the coffee table, getting to those high and low places will be a breeze.

    Swivel Steering

    Swivel Steering lets them easily swing around table legs and get into every corner of the home. So, they won’t have to spend any time moving around furniture before they combat the big clean.

    LED headlights

    The lights at the front are really handy for finding any dirt in dark places. Putting the spotlight on the true monsters that live under the bed, no speck of dust or stray hair will be able to escape this vacuum.

    HEPA filters

    The HEPA filter has a clever seal that stops any dust and allergens from being released back into the air. This is perfect for anyone that suffers from asthma or has any allergies, as they’ll be able to chill out around the house without anything tickling their throat.

    An all-round cleaner

    Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with up to 60 Minutes Run Time

    Out with the old and in with a new Dyson V11 vacuum. Thanks to this model, they’ll be all set to start 2021 on a clean slate.

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    Why this one?

    60 minutes run time

    From a single charge they’ll be able to run this all around the house, without having to keep stopping and starting to move to different plug sockets. And there won’t be a cable to dodge either, meaning they can fully focus on freshening the floors.

    3 cleaning modes

    Depending on how deep they’re cleaning, they can flick between the 3 modes – Eco, Auto, and Boost. Eco mode saves on battery when they’re just giving the floors a once over, while the Boost setting is great at getting up any mud that Santa’s trodden into the carpet.

    Washable lifetime filter

    Its filter will last for the lifetime of the vacuum and will only need a quick wash under the tap to keep it cleaning at its very best. So, they can pocket the few extra pennies that would usually go towards replacements.

    LCD display

    The LCD screen lets them tap between modes or check on the battery life. So, whether they need to clean up the aftermath of Christmas, or suck a few crumbs up from a cheeky snack, they can make sure it’s ready for the job.

    Ideal for the awkward spaces

    Shark Anti-Hair Wrap with Flexology IZ201UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with up to 40 Minutes Run Time

    With a flexible wand, this vacuum cleaner will bend under the bed or table without anyone having to crouch down. So, if you’re buying for someone a little older, this Shark model will let them know that you’re thinking of them.

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    If that doesn't sway you...

    Anti-hair wrap

    From clothes to the plug hole in the shower, our hair gets absolutely everywhere – the floor being no exception. Anti-hair wrap technology separates every strand from the bristles, so an emergency de-tangling operation with the scissors will never be needed.


    As well as being able to bend under low surfaces, the flexible wand also folds around the cleaner for simply storing in a cupboard. This means that instead of being left on show all the time, it can be hidden out of the way.

    Transforms into a handheld vacuum

    By turning into a handheld cleaner, this will make tackling the stairs or valeting the car a piece of cake. With just a press of a button, it detaches from the rest of the machine, so they don’t have to pull the whole thing around all the time.

    Free floors of hair

    Shark Anti-Hair Wrap NZ801UK Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    This Shark Vacuum cleaner should be at the top of the list for anyone with long, luscious locks. Thanks to clever technology that’s built-in, not only will this give them the gift of a gleaming house, but they won’t have to constantly cut out their mane from the bristles either.

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    And that's not everything...


    DuoClean tech makes sure this leaves soft and hard floors looking fresh. One roller really digs deep into mud that’s crept into carpets, while the other lifts everything up from hard floors. So, they won’t have to keep changing settings as they blitz the house.

    Dusting brush

    With a gentle dusting brush, cleaning isn’t just limited to the floor. This will help banish any dirt on more delicate surfaces, like the sofa, meaning they won’t have to fork out any extra money to have stuff professionally cleaned.

    Reach different areas

    This comes with a few different attachments to give furniture around the home a new lease of life. From dust on the curtain pole to cobwebs in the light fitting, no areas will be left untouched. When the time comes to finally host guests again, they’ll be able to blitz the house from top to toe.

    Combat the furry friends

    Hoover H-FREE 500 PETS HF522UPT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with up to 40 Minutes Run Time

    This model is the perfect gift for anyone who’s got a house full of four-legged friends. A problem that Mr and Mrs Claus can relate to themselves, keeping on top of your fur babies can be a task and a half. But, with this model it’s a complete breeze.

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    Check out its tech...

    3-in-1 nozzle

    With different attachments, they’ll be able to freshen up their furniture too. Whether it’s the sofa or curtains, they can clean away all the mucky pawprints or ground-in biscuit, leaving everything looking as good as new.

    Turbo function

    Sometimes a little more suction is all that’s needed to lift stubborn dirt out of the carpet. So, when they come across a patch of embedded pet hairs, with a press of a button they can clean them all up, instead of having to get down on their knees and pluck each one out.

    Compact design

    With a slimline design, storing this model is simple. Perfect for anyone that likes a clutter-free home, this can be tidied away in a cupboard without taking up much room, and it’ll easily fit under the tree on Christmas Eve.


    Carrying a vacuum will no longer be a workout thanks to the lightweight design. So, when it comes to taking it downstairs, they’ll have no problem picking it up, instead of lugging it down to the tune of EastEnders.