Customer Reviews — Nintendo Switch Pro Gaming Controller - Black

Customer Reviews — Nintendo Switch Pro Gaming Controller - Black

Nintendo Switch Pro Gaming Controller - Black
  • Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch
  • Connect to the console wirelessly or via USB
  • HD Rumble creates precise vibrations for immersive play
  • 40 hour battery life for handheld gaming
  • Recharges when connected to the Nintendo Switch console
4.9 / 5

Quality controller

Been using this for around a week for zelda, beyonetta and super metroid. I am finding it much easier to control than the joycons, particularly the d-pad which is a traditional design rather than separate buttons. The analogue sticks are excellent, as is the overall weight, battery life and build quality. The face buttons are on the large side so those with small hands may not find them ideal.

Good product

Was easy to use and charge, able to play games such as fortnite way more easily.

Why settle for anything less

Solid well built controller, works the way it should. You’re not just buying a brand, its a quality product. It is worth the money, and if you need to save to buy it, then you should. No regrets here.

High quality piece of kit.

Like most modern controllers this one is a bit on the pricey side. But with the switch only coming with joy cons this is a must if you want to play something for long periods that doesn't really call for the motion controller. It definitely goes toe to toe with the Ps4 and xbox 1 controllers so for any games made for the other consoles it feels great. In the past I've had a few joy cons suffer from "drift" so it takes away that worry as well. Lastly battery life seems great!

An excellent controller

I'm glad I paid the extra money to get the official pro controller. It performs great feels nice and has weight to it unlike some flimsy bits of kit.


Pricey for a controller but a must for Switch owners.

Good but pricey

Great build quality and very comfortable to hold. Would like to compare it against cheaper options to see this justifies the high price tag though.
Casual Gamer 88

Kids love it

Really handy kids love it specially when original switch controllers break easily, only down part needs head set port in controller
Marie Oliver