Customer Reviews — AEG Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated

Customer Reviews — AEG Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated

AEG DCE731110M Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated
  • Main oven gives you lots of different ways to cook
  • Distributes heat evenly so food cooks on every shelf
  • Set the oven to turn off when your food is ready
  • Special liners absorb grease to make cleaning easier
  • Dimensions (cm) H88.8 x W59.4 x D54.8 – Learn more
4.6 / 5

Looks great and cooks really well.

I feel I have got what I paid for. Looks good and I get great results. Two proper functioning ovens which means I often use the smaller for single dishes rather than as a grill and overspill oven. I had heard that it was difficult to program but it wasn’t. If I can get the hang of it anyone can. Not so keen on the edge on the racks being raised. Maybe a safety feature but sliding on a large loose bottomed flan tin full of Quiche ingredients is difficult. The only criticism I have. Would happily recommend.

Love the double fan oven but not the instructions.

I like the double fan oven meaning I can use the smaller oven more often. However the instructions were difficult to follow and I found that my baking tins were too wide. Even the tin that comes with the oven is too wide if using with foil. However for the money we paid it is value for money compared with our previous double oven.
Mrs S Simmonds

Fantastic oven, worth the money!

I bought this oven in January 2018. I absolutely love that there are two proper functioning fan ovens so if I only have a single dish I can use the smaller top oven rather than having to heat the larger oven. Another great point is that there is a grill element in both ovens. It cooks savoury dishes and cakes evenly, which is a bonus. I love the sleek look and am glad that there are no knobs to break (which is an issue we have had with previous ovens). I agree with a previous reviewer that the lip on the shelves can be an issue when you really don’t want to tip a dish when putting it in the oven. The clock is also not massively bright so it is difficult to see any meaningful detail from a distance but there are no issues when close. Would definitely recommend this as it has greater flexibility and functionality than most double ovens.
Rachael Garfield

Dont be put off - Lovely Product

Firstly, as per other reviews, the instructions are a little ambiguous at times but perseverance is key. Bought this oven to replace my previous AEG specifically for the digital LED display as really loved the look without the knobs! It has a few differences and modifications but all an improvement. It is really easy to use but a bit daunting at first sight. For example, to turn off a single oven when both are in use - you simply need to select and display which oven you wish to turn off then press and hold the "options" [square box] of the display and this switches the oven off. It does however still appear on the display until it has cooled down and this did make me unsure at first as to whether I had actually turned the oven off. Due to shelf style i.e the curved edges, if you need to slide items on with ease then place on a shelf with the telescopic runners to simply slide the self out and then place directly onto the shelf without spillage. Great item - I love it.

Quality product

Quality product well made and well insulated. Easy to use with lots of features to make operation quick and easy.
Jamie the Master Baker

Love it

Wow love this oven so much, the double fan oven is brilliant if you bake a lot which I do. There is a great range of features depending on what your cooking, the oven itself looks super sexy in and touch screen controls are lovely and the fact you can set the exact temperature is a godsend for us bakers. Overall awesome oven glad we got this one.

Oven replacement

Bought this to replace beloved Neff double oven that would cost too much to repair. Good build quality and looks really good. I like the digital display and touch controls. You need to experiment with these controls to get use to them as the manual is not great. So far it has performed well and is quiet. Rapid heat up much quicker than my old oven. The cavities are slightly smaller so my large oven pans don’t fit. Agree with other comments on the stiffness of doors but not really a problem. All in all I am pleased with the oven so far.
John Vaughan

A happy wife (so I'm happy!)

The oven is in almost daily use and so far, my wife is delighted with it. She's slowly getting the hang of the touch controls and is now able to use most of the oven's various features. The oven heats up swiftly using the rapid heat function and is very well insulated - much better than the one it replaced which was very slow to get up to temperature and seemed to heat up the kitchen as much as it did the inside of the oven. On the advice of the fitting team, she discarded the sliding shelf runners. They're a good idea but they prevent you from changing shelf positions easily. The main fan oven cooks evenly though she has yet to test this fully. Unlike our old fan oven though, it doesn't burn the food nearest the fan and undercook that nearest the door! Finally, the oven looks great and as the main and upper ovens are each fan assisted and each have grills, it should prove very versatile.
Paul B