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    Customer Reviews - Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Multifunction Mini Oven and Air Fryer - Silver

    Customer Reviews - Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Multifunction Mini Oven and Air Fryer - Silver

    Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 DT200UK Multifunction Mini Oven and Air Fryer - Silver
    • 2400 Watt grill - perfect for quick snacks
    • Set the timer for perfectly cooked food
    • 10 pre-set functions take the guesswork out of cooking
    • Air frying function for healthier cooking
    • Convection heating gives you even cooking results
    4.8 / 5

    Do not buy!

    I've had this oven 3 months and have used it regularly. It does everything the description states but cleaning it is impossible . I have followed the manufacturer's guidelines and cleaned it after every use and the inside looks like an old oven. Very disappointed ??
    Margaret Manuel

    Easy to work and neat looking little oven

    The only problem I have is the cleaning of the appliance, it should have been enameled so easier to wipe down, otherwise the mine convention/ air fryer works very well.
    Arnoldus Van der Watt

    Good but expected more

    I like the oven, the trays are good but they are not non stick, the oven gets dirty quite quickly and the high powered fan means the oil and food residue circulates around the appliance which is not ideal. It cooks quickly and evenly. Not as good as an air fryer but much better than our gas oven.

    Ninja oven

    Couldn’t be without my ninja oven so much quicker than my kitchen oven. It is a very versatile it has many cooking features. I used my ninja every day the only down side is the cleaning you must clean after use otherwise it gets very grubby and is hard to get grease splatter’s off.
    Andrea Brown

    Looks good

    Seems well made and featured look good. Part of a kitchen refirb so not used yet.

    Super little oven

    This little oven is great.It’s intuitive, I haven’t read all the instructions and haven’t had any problems using it at all. Today I cooked a large turkey leg (approximately 1.3 kg), 4 chicken thighs, roast potatoes and stuffing. Everything fitted into the oven perfectly. No more burnt food, when the times up it off, so if you get distracted, not a problem. The air fry option is good too, and one thing I’ve noticed is that the food is piping hot. The reheat doesn’t dry out the food like my old one did. I’ve use the dehydrator for apple and cinnamon slices, which are lovely. My husband really appreciates the pizza option as I always used to overcook , ended up like cardboard, but not in this oven. This all sounds great and it is , however the oven is very difficult to clean. I clean it after every use. It stands on my work surface, I don’t want it to look dirty. You must cover up with foil , a chicken for instance because if the fat, grease gets on the oven. You then eat your lunch, then go to clean the oven it’s difficult. Instructions tell you to wipe with hot soapy cloth, but that doesn’t cut it for that type of grease. You can’t scrub the inside of oven as it would damage the surface . Unlike a traditional oven you also can’t use oven cleaner so, normal cooking fine but not heavy duty like a roast. So make sure it’s covered when cooking. Would have been better if inside was enamel for instance as it would make for easier cleaning. That said I am very happy with purchase.
    Nicola Shipley

    Great little item with so many chooses

    I was a bit wary of going from a standard gas cooker to an electric one. This little cooker is just what I needed, it does everything it says it does, so far I have only used the grill and roast and have had no problems with them, next on the list to try is air fry and bake for flans and cakes. The 10 - 1 Ninja oven when selecting the programmes is really easy and even suggests the rack level. I have only got a couple of negatives that the fan is noisy and the outside marks easily but that I will combat that. All in all I am very happy I brought this. I am a pensioner and it just shows your never too old to learn new things.
    Carol McDermott

    Perfect, but...

    It's perfect. It saves on time and electricity and we haven't used our oven once since getting it! It's ompact but big enough for a large family (there are 9 of us). The only time we have any difficulties is when cooking a roast, but with a little forward planning, this is easily overcome. I'm totally in love with it - it does everything we need it to, and more! Why only give it 4 stars, though? Well, I like everything to be very clean. This has some design flaws which mean there are places you can't get to in order to fully clean it. There are wire cages around the heating bulbs that cannot be removed to allow for deeper cleaning. Also, if a bulb blows/breaks, you cannot get those replaced - you need a whole new machine... Talk about a throw-away society! For me, these two issues would have been enough reason to have given it 3 stars, but I'm so pleased with everything else it does that I give it a 4.
    Sarah Bunting