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    Customer Reviews - Samsung HotBlast™ MC32K7055CK 32 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Black

    Customer Reviews - Samsung HotBlast™ MC32K7055CK 32 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Black

    Samsung HotBlast™ MC32K7055CK 32 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Black
    • 32 litre capacity - great for medium-sized households
    • HotBlast™ technology reduces cooking time
    • Healthier frying option for crisp and moist food
    • Automatic programmes take the guesswork out of cooking
    • Timer counts down until your food is ready
    4.7 / 5

    Great replacement

    After getting used to the more extensive features enjoying the cooking results from this combination microwave. The only downside found so far is the lack of being able to reduce weights/timings on the automatic settings.
    L Watt

    Good -But when things go wrong BEWARE

    I reviewed this microwave on 4/5/20. And gave it four stars Just over one year later on 9/05/21 it shut down power during microwaving... And as of the date of this follow up (5 Dec 2021) despite numerous visits by Samsung appointed engineers and replacement parts it remains faulty. I'm currently waiting for a fourth visit later on this month. I have no regrets using AO and the engineers have been gracious and apologetic. But Samsung Customer Service have been among the worst people to deal with. Difficult to get to speak to anyone of marginal ability to resolve. Adamant that the customer is misusing the appliance and refuses to offer a refund or replacement. We have Been without a fully functioning appliance for over seven months. The details are too numerous to mention which include lengthy calls to their customer service and long wait for parts..i don't intend to buy ANY product made by Samsung in future. And if you are in the market for a microwave do the research on that manufacturers after sales service before buying.

    bulky and gets very hot

    never had a microwave that gets this hot on top and sides as this one ( just glad no young children about) --same size as my old one but takes up much more space-- when putting a micro casserole in oven it keeps catching the element which is not flush with the roof ( as my old one ) --controls not good pressing start -keep catching other controls and if you catch dial button on passing reverts to clock (re set time) so hate it if I could I would send it back not happy


    Brought this in Nov 2017. Had 3 call outs and people getting yh problem wrong so 3 days of my annual leave holiday wasted. They fixed it Thursday now it doesn’t work, elements aren’t getting hot! No lights. Customer service is in Philippines and absolutely completely useless all I want is a replacement or a refund as I now I cannot even cook my children’s dinner Sansung are despicable I will never buy a product of there’s again. Brought an expensive all singing all dancing so I knew it would work that was one of the worst things I could of done. My son had eating disordered and I have had to keep it quiet that it doesn’t work or he wouldn’t eat out of a microwave convectional oven again: utterly disgusted with the pointless calls and the lack of customer service

    Mine has broken

    I purchased one of these in March 2017. It has not been used much (and was okay whilst it worked) but in September it stopped working. I emailed the company who said they would reply within 15 working days - I am still waiting. I would not recommend this item when it costs so much and worked for such a short time. And the fact that emails are not answered leaves much to be desired regarding customer service.
    Tina Bone

    Big disappointment

    Poor customer service. Equally poor machine. Had to buy another from a reliable business.

    Must have been faulty batch

    1st microwave had faulty door springs. Everytime you opened and closed the door it sounded like an old banged up car door. Took 5 phone call and 6 days to get it replaced through AO. 2nd microwave, same fault as first one and the auto hot blast, slim fry and child lock button didn't work. Now i have to wait for a Samsung engineer to visit. Then, only when he confirms a fault will ao replace or refund. £200 microwave that sounds awful, collects Fingerprint marks on door handle and 3rd of buttons not working and having to wait days for it to be sorted. Will be getting a refund and shopping elsewhere.

    Great, but..

    The Samsung microwave is great, in so far as it has a drop-down door, enabling it to be easily opened wherever it is positioned. However, the core downside is that the control panel is not illuminated and it makes it exceedingly difficult to see the controls. Also, it would have been useful to have had standard quick controls for things like jacket potatoes.