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    Customer Reviews - Samsung MS23K3513AW 23 Litre Microwave - White

    Customer Reviews - Samsung MS23K3513AW 23 Litre Microwave - White

    Samsung MS23K3513AW 23 Litre Microwave - White
    Save £20
    Was £120
    • 23 litre capacity - great for small households
    • 800 Watt power output – for fast cooking
    • 20 cooking programmes to choose from
    • Automatic programmes take the guesswork out of cooking
    • Lockable control panel for safety
    4.7 / 5

    Hate it, avoid

    Really disappointed with the microwave, it's loud and the light doesn't come on when it's cooking so you can't see your food, and it seems to just heat the plates/bowls the food is cooking in vs. the food - example, in a silicon popcorn maker it took over 10 minutes to make popcorn and it was mostly burnt kernels. Really would love to return this, AVOID.

    Avoid Samsung!!

    Samsungs reputation is not what it used to be!! Steer well clear!! Already had 3 faulty washer dryers on the series 6 Samsung machines but also this microwave packed up after just TWO DAYS!! Led lights packed up and then the unit wasn’t heating as it should and making very and I mean VERY loud noises. Samsung just assume having a good brand name is enlightening to sell shoddy products! Samsung technical are as useless as a chocolate teapot!!


    im a 78 year old and have owned microwaves since the 1970s. this one is the worst ive even owned. it has an intermittent fault and more often than not doesnt work. it heats up on the outside while the frozen meal im trying to cook remains frozen. i would have taken it back to the store if it had been bought from a physical store. AO makes me contact samsung who has to send out an engineer to repair it but as its intermittent this doesnt always help. you cant return it or get a refund unless an engineers report says it doesnt work. it makes so much noise at times i am afraid to use it and the outside gets so hot with what sounds like sparks inside. it frightens me. i tested it with my old microwave and it takes 3 minutes to heat up some water whereas this one doesnt heat it up even after 10 minutes. it sounds dangerous. i am having to use my old microwave which i gave to my granddaughter who lives across the road. i walk over to her house with my frozen meals warm them in hers and go back home to eat my food. its disgusting and ao should be ashamed treating vulnerable old people this way. i dont want strangers in my home and i dont want this scary appliance anymore! DO NOT BUY
    w. brown

    Shocking bad microwave for Samsung.

    I have a built in Samsung microwave a washing machine dryer oven, massive fridge freezer and TV. So I have a lot of Samsung products. I brought this to replace a counter top microwave that stopped working. In addition to the built in one. This was intended to be used for quick reheat of food when I didn't want to use the larger one. Issues are 1. The black glass is not transparent when it's on. So you have no idea what's going on inside. The light is not bright enough to allow you to see into it. I've tired in the pitch dark. 2. The power is only slightly less than my large Samsung ( less than 10 percent lower 800w vs 900) yet it takes almost twice as long to heat the exact same amount of water. I tested with two glasses of water at the same starting temperature and checked how long it took to heat up to 60c. It took twice as long in this microwave compared to my built in microwave. It's only redeeming feature is it looks nice on the counter top. Then again so does a flower pot both are equivalent in terms of their usefulness for heating food.

    Didn't even get a chance!

    I would love to say what an awesome microwave this is after spending a huge amount on it but that won't be the case. So on the first use out of the box it turned out to be faulty. I tried using it to warm some milk for my son but after numerous attempts on various time lengths it would come out stone cold. After having a £40 Russell Hobbs microwave for about 4 years, it could do this job in 30 seconds so alarm bells started ringing. I went through the troubleshooting and one of the options it gives you is to heat a glass of water for 4 - 5 mins, the result should be boiling water. I did this procedure and....it was stone cold again. The only thing that was heating was the microwave itself! Not impressed to say the least after spending a collosal amount on a microwave.

    No window to my food

    Had to return it as in our opinion it has a fatal flaw that makes it unusable for heating soup, baked beans, scrambled eggs or melting butter. If you are happy to not being able to view your food whilst it's in the oven then it's probably ok. You can't even see that there's anything in the oven when the light is on let alone check it's condition, all you can see is the oven light but nothing else. AO checked with Samsung and apparently it's designed this way, why?


    Features are good, as expected. Biggest setback is its impossible to see inside it when you are cooking something, so you cannot see if milk is boiling over for instance. There is a weak light and the door window is very dark and you cannot see anything through it. Had I known this I would not have bought it.
    Brian McBride

    Poor delivery

    Although the microwave is fine, and have no problems with it and would happily recommend, I am unhappy with the delivery service. First delivery it came dented in the side, had another one sent out and old one taken away, second one had an even worse dent on it. I am so disappointed that it took three goes at getting it right. All sorted now but a pain at the time.