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    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Class 2 Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Class 2 Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

    Hotpoint Class 2 SA2844HIX Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated
    • Multifunctional oven — Choose from lots of programmes
    • Multiflow — Evenly distributes heat around the oven
    • Precision Temperature Control — Even heat distribution
    • Fully automatic recipes — Choose from 28 delicious meals
    • Dimensions (cm) H59.5 x W59.5 x D57 – Learn more
    4.7 / 5

    Unhappy customer

    THis was an awful machine and an awful experience with ao. When we first reported that the oven wasn't working properly they did send an engineer who said that he'd fixed the problem. However it still isn't working and we have tried to communicate with ao, however have not had a response to our problem. So we are left with an oven that we cannot control the temperature on... Very unhappy!
    Jackie Maxwell

    Broken product

    The oven has completely stopped working, it was only 17 months old

    Nothing but trouble

    Nothing but issues with this oven. The first time we used it everything seemed good, but then the oven would lose temperature quickly on the fan setting and could only be used as a conventional oven. Had a Hotpoint engineer come out who replaced the heating element. This lasted 15 minutes of use until it stopped working, this time with a F24 error. At this point I've just cut my losses with Hotpoint and requested the oven be returned and I've ordered a different brand as a replacement.
    Dan Bradley

    Not to be recommended.

    We bought one of these from ao.com last year. I wouldn't go near one again. It does not get anywhere near as hot as it should. Even after an hour, it is nowhere near up to temperature. We have tried to get redress under guarantee from Hotpoint, who have twice sent out and engineer. Each time the engineer has done his tests, and declared there to be nothing wrong with the oven , except that it doesn't get hot, and then Hotpoint charged us for the callouts. We have given up and decided to buy a different type.
    Tim Young

    Hotpoint - Alarm too quiet.

    Product is great as an oven great energy rating. The only problem I have found is that the alarm is not very loud you can't hear it even when in the same room only time you can hear it if your standing right next to it even that's too faint. The purpose of an alarm is to notify you when its set to go off, with the volume being as it is its not fit for purpose a design floor.
    Sajid Hussain

    stopped heating at the selected temperature after 1 year

    Bought this oven in October 2021. Just over the warranty period, in November 2022 it stopped heating at the selected temperature. Called an engineer who said the grill element is shorting. It is not, it is working fine. Had to set the temperature to 250 degrees only to get a maximum of 170 degrees. The engineer then said that the thermostat is faulty. Cannot find one to buy anywhere. Will need to buy a new oven.


    Don’t really know as haven’t managed to work out how to use it yet. Unclear instructionsfromHotpoint
    Marianne Henshaw

    Oven did not initially turn on and makes a strange noise when not running.

    Initially, once installed, the oven refused to turn on although power was getting to it as I was able to set the clock successfully. After many, many attempts the oven did eventually come to life but since then it has intermittently refused to turn on making it a bit of a lottery as to if I am able to cook anything. There is also a random clicking sound coming from the oven when it is not running. The oven door was also loose and nearly came off in my hand due to a missing hinge screw. An engineer called but, as luck would have it, on this occasion the oven did turn on, but the clicking noise persisted, he agreed with me that this noise should not occur although he could find no obvious fault. I have now booked a second engineer visit to determine if it warrants a new replacement oven as I'm not at all happy with it and am particularly concerned about the random clicking.
    Greg Linfield