KitchenAid Hand Held Mixer Review

This mixer is so easy use and delivers exactly what you would hope from this high end branded name. I wasn't disappointed by it in the slightest. It was a bit of a departure for me having only every used very inexpensive bargain branded hand held mixers in the past but I certainly feel you get exactly what you pay for with this one. There is an extensive booklet with every detail you could possibly wish to know about the machine but actually, it's all pretty self explanatory and with ease I managed to work out how to use each accessory and which way the mixer turned on and how to increase or decrease the speed. There are 9 speeds which is perfect if you want to make a variety of things because the slowest setting pulses as you would need for something like dough while the fastest could whip cream in literally seconds. You get a set of double whisks with it, one big airy whisk, two dough hooks and then a milk frothing type accessory too. Each of these clicks into place with a satisfactory clunk and to release them it's with a button at the top which does not require any strength or dexterity. I was also pleased to note a draw string bag with individual pockets for each accessory comes with this machine as I am prone to losing such things in my cupboard and inevitably cannot find them when I need, the bag is very handy for preventing that. The machine itself can be wiped clean and the accessories will go in the dish washer which is such good news for a reluctant wahser upper like myself. I am also very impressed with how the mixture falls off the whisks with just a gentle tap on the side of the bowl, no having to whisk it off thus causing batter to fly around the kitchen. All in all a very good buy and nothing short of the KitcheAid reputation.