Looks great but functionally a bit poor

It definitely looks pretty and raises a few eyebrows from guests and people say things like, 'ooooo! look at you fancy badgers!'. But the build quality feels a bit poor plus there are some functional things that are just a bit rubbish. The wine racks are very closely stacked so if you have a slightly larger bottle, everything gets stuck. Champagne bottles with more fatter bellies simply do sit nicely and kind of make the whole thing wonky. You can remove racks but not change the height so you're either going to have a very tight fit or a gaping gap you could get the turkey in. The racks don't pull out unless the door is open right back 180º so if you're up against a wall or other kitchen furniture, forget it, you won't be able to pull them out. The worst bit is the front feet are set too far back so the whole thing tips forward whenever you pull out a rack. You'll have to create some sort of mounting system to secure it to the adjacent cabinets or worktop otherwise your wine collection will end up in a broken sticky mess on your kitchen floor and your guest will think you're a pillock. It comes with this very iffy looking grill that you're supposed to fit to the base at the front, but the instructions don't match reality, screws don't fit and you need magnetic fingers that happen to be 1cm fat and 20cm long to try to get them in. It also has an adjustable secondary grill that you're supposed to fit and adjust to cover it to the floor but it doesn't quite fit, it's too wide so ends up bending out and rattles. Also, don't expect this grill to prevent it tipping forward like I did. That mistake cost me 6 bottles of wine. Admittedly 4 of them were rancid bottles of rosé but I'm still crying about my 2016 Sanceré.