Tefal Double Force

I bought this food processor to replace an old one (different make) that I’d had for 17 years that sadly broke! I can say so far the Tefal double force has been a fantastic replacement. Like my old food processor it comes with accessories which all help in cutting time on food prep but also better as it’s easier to clean. I especially like the mini chopper. Something I didn’t have before and has become a real favourite of mine. The blender it fantastic. It blends down all the seeds etc when making smoothies unlike my old one. The components are easy to wash and most can be put into a dishwasher too. I’m impressed with the power on this machine which is much better than my old one going from 450w to 1000w really makes a difference in performance. If you’re looking for a food processor with a good deal of power but at a middle ground cost I can highly recommend this one. It’s worth spending that bit more to get a better quality product. Fingers crossed I can make this one last too!!