Quietly beautiful

This is our second Smeg - the first is 16 years old and still going strong but has now been relegated to the garage because we needed a bigger freezer section. I have to say this is a thing of beauty and is super quiet - at most you can hear a gentle whirring. I am 5ft3in and was worried the top shelf of the fridge would be too high but it's fine. The only thing the fridge section is missing is a wine rack (this is an extra apparently) but other than that the storage options are flexible and more than enough for a family of four. The freezer section has three drawers... they have a catch at the back so they don't come falling out but you do have to pull them all the way out to see inside and when you do they sort of tip forwards for easy access. You have to bend down quite a bit to see inside the top drawer when the fridge door is shut (overhang) and the bottom drawer isn't as big as the other two but all three are deep and hold more than you think they will. I've currently got 5 or 6 900g bags of frozen chips/wedges in the middle one. What else to mention... there is an unobtrusive alarm if you leave the fridge door open for too long and the lights in the fridge are like something out of Star Trek. All in all, extremely happy :)