Absolutely brilliant

This Panasonic microwave is the best one we’ve ever had. The main cooking functions available on this model are (the obvious) medium or high cooking, the low simmer, defrost warm, chaos defrost, auto reheat and auto cook. But that’s not all – this microwave also has an aqua clean function to remove food odours as well as a timer for when you are allowing your food to rest. The microwave looks really smart and snazzy in the kitchen but it’s also such a useful product. Aside from the main function of quick cooking times, the main benefit of this microwave for me is the chaos defrost. I had never heard of this before but, in a nutshell, it uses the chaos theory principle to give your food a more even and faster defrost. It uses a random sequence of pulsing and microwave energy to speed up the defrosting process. You can defrost pretty much anything in this mode except sausages (although I’m not sure why!). You could even defrost a whole chicken if you needed to. For me, I use it when I’ve forgotten to get some meat out the freezer for dinner before work and need to make the children dinner quickly. I have been able to defrost diced chicken in just over 5 minutes without any of the chicken beginning to cook (this sometimes happened with my old microwave). As long as you listen out for the beeps during the cycle, and turn and mix the food, you should avoid the cooking process and instead just have nicely defrosted food. When time is short, it’s always handy to have auto cook functions. Using the product weight and program type, you can effortlessly cook fresh vegetables, fresh fish, jacket potatoes and rice without worrying about getting the cooking time wrong. The next feature I now love is the aqua clean program. Sometimes when we’ve reheated a smelly meal or used the microwave to cook fish, the smell can last for quite some time. Now by using this 20 minute cleaning program, we can eradicate the stink without using chemicals. As a microwave goes, this one is the best we’ve had. It’s got enough programs to choose from to give you a functional and useful appliance without being over complicated and unnecessary.