Siemens IQ300 Slimeline Dishwasher

My new Siemens Slim line dishwasher is fantastic, I’m not an expert by any means and I carried out many hours of research before buying and it was not long before my list became very short for possible contenders and both made in the same factory, but this has in my opinion the best features. Features I love Beautiful looking in stainless steel finish Clear and Simple to use, and it will self-correct if needed Self-senses and adjusts according to level of dirt and amount of load Self-cleaning programme Cleans and dry’s perfectly Incredibly quiet and need to get close to check it’s actually on. Home connect means that should there ever be an problem with the Dishwasher it can be diagnosed remotely, so an engineer can turn up knowing what is needed to any resolve with the parts in hand. Layout inside is very flexible and everything feels very well made and with purpose, also having a tray for cutlery rather than basket allows much more space than you think. It may only be for ten place setting and slimline but that is fine and we have 4 in the household. Home connect is simply great and takes seconds to setup to your wifi and unlike many apps it’s very easy and self-explanatory to use, now my preferred method of use. I can only say that I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a dishwasher as it feels like a quality made product that I believe will last and with 5 years warranty and peace of mind you can’t go wrong. Nearly forgot to say there is nothing that I don't like