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Lisa Faulkner
Things to consider when buying built-in
What about cleaning?

Some ovens come with stay clean catalytic liners - on the back and sides or just the sides - that absorb grease; just whack the temperature up to burn it off after cooking. And all ovens come with enamel interiors that make wiping up spillages really easy.

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How do I connect it?

All Hotpoint built-in electric single ovens can be fitted with a 3-pin plug, even those with catalytic stay-clean liners. That's pretty handy if you don't want to call out an electrician. Any gas single ovens need to be installed by a gas safe fitter. When it comes to double ovens, they'll need to be installed by a qualified electrician or gas safe fitter.

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Where can it go?

Single ovens can either be fitted under your worktop or built into a housing unit. Most double ovens are designed to slot into a tall housing unit but you can buy some built-under that are slightly smaller to fit under your worktop. You'll get a similar amount of cooking space up-top but slightly less in the main oven.

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How do I fit it?

Cooker hoods connect to your electricity supply via a regular 3-pin plug, though a qualified electrician will need to build it in and wire it up to your kitchen.

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What filters do I need?
  • External venting: Grease filters come as standard with every hood for external venting. Some are washable, while others need replacing every few months.

  • Recirculation: If you don't have access to an external wall, recirculating air is possible and available with all models. You'll need carbon (charcoal) filters for this and they'll last for anything between 6 to 8 months - just give Hotpoint a call when they need replacing.

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Which hood is right for me?
  • Hidden away: visor models are designed to sit just below your units.

  • On show: Chimney models make a real statement and come in a range of striking styles.

  • Size: To work effectively, you'll need a hood that is at least the same width of your hob. The extraction rate needs to be considered too. The larger the room, the higher the extraction rate needs to be.

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How do I install it?

Keep in mind that induction, ceramic and solid plate hobs need to be installed by a qualified electrician and you'll need a registered gas safe fitter for gas units. Generally speaking, you get much more power out of hardwired hobs than plug-in versions. They take about half an hour to install and once done you'll notice an improved cooking performance too.

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Which type of hob's for me?
  • Induction hobs use a magnetic field to form an electrical current, meaning they can boil a standard pan of water in just 90 seconds. Your pans at home should be fine to use - if a magnet sticks to the bottom, you're good to go. They're the quickest to reach temperature of all electric hobs and leave behind little heat after cooking.

  • Ceramic models look really modern and can be used with any pans you already own. They're incredibly easy to clean but aren't as efficient as induction cooking.

  • Solid plate hobs are the cheapest option to go for. They take a little while to reach temperature but still do the job and are great if you're on a tight budget.

  • Gas hobs can switch between temperatures almost immediately, making them really responsive if you need to quickly turn down the heat. They're not as efficient as other hobs, with a little more heat escaping into the kitchen.

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How much space should I leave?
  • Remember, you'll need to allow 55mm behind your hob to the back wall and 420mm between the hob and any cupboards above or adjacent.

  • Depending on the fuel type you're using, you'll need to leave 700mm (gas) or 650mm (any electric) between the hob and your cooker hood.

  • Between the hob and any oven below, there also needs to be a gap of 30 - 50mm.

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