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    Best American Fridge Freezers for 2024

    Sometimes a standard-sized fridge freezer just won’t do. Whether you have a large household and like to stock up on lots of frozen goodies or just love the clever tech, American fridge freezers offer more than just extra storage space. They’re packed with handy features to keep food fresh. Some even play music and let you shop online! So, if you want to upgrade your old model for something bigger and better, this helpful guide is the place to start. 

    Best all-rounders

    One of the advantages of an American fridge freezer is the amount of food that can fit inside. They’ll store around 35 bags of groceries, so you’ll easily be able to pop in all the family favourites. And defrosting by hand isn’t high on anyone’s list, so it’s great that these models automatically stop ice from building up. Some also have a fast freeze setting, to lock in those nutrients and flavours.

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    Best capacity American fridge freezers

    Looking to pack in as much food as possible? It’s no problem with a large capacity model. They’ll store over 600-litres of fresh veggies, salads, cakes, sausages, pizza and everything in-between. Some models even have a compartment that can be switched from a freezer to a fridge and back again – perfect when you need a little bit of flex.

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    Best American fridge freezers for keeping food fresh

    Nobody enjoys throwing food away, and an American fridge freezer that can keep those lettuce leaves green for longer can put an end to that. Most models move cold air evenly around every shelf, so no matter where you place your food, it stays in great shape. There’s also tech that removes moisture from the air. And don’t forget those adjustable temperature controls.

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    Best American fridge freezer with dispenser

    If you love the idea of having cool drinks on tap, why not buy an American fridge freezer with a water dispenser? Some even drop crushed or cubed ice into your drink as well, making them perfect on a hot summer’s day. They’ll either have a tank inside the door that needs refilling, or they’ll need plumbing in. Either way, you’ll enjoy a refreshing glass whenever you like.

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    Best budget American fridge freezers

    American fridge freezers tend to be pricier than standard models because they're often bigger with more advanced tech, but that doesn't mean you can't get one for a great price. We sell plenty of fantastic ones for under £750. Not only are they great to look at, but they come with all the nifty features you’d expect as well.

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    Best energy efficient American fridge freezers

    We’d all like to knock a few points off our utility bills, so look for models with an A-energy rating for those that use the least energy. Other factors such as LED lighting inside also helps. Some models have compressors which reduce the amount of energy used as well.

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    American fridge freezers Buying Guide

    Now we’ve taken you on a whistle-stop tour of what American fridge freezers have to offer, you can get further information from our handy buying guide. It’ll tell you all about the different door types you can get, and even has a helpful FAQ section to answer any questions.

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