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    Best Premium Single Ovens

    Get the real pro-chef experience with these premium single ovens. Full of clever features, these appliances make cooking hassle-free.

    NEFF N50 Slide&Hide B3ACE4HN0B Built In Electric Single Oven

    Put your culinary skills to the test with this built-in single oven from Neff. Not only does it have a large 71 litre capacity, it’s also multifunctional, giving you a whole host of clever programmes to choose from. The fan grilling function is ideal for roasting chicken, as the intense heat from above turns the skin golden and crisp, while the fan ensures the meat is deliciously succulent. CircoTherm® technology also lets you cook strong-smelling ingredients together, like fish and garlic, as hot air is circulated evenly to prevent flavours transferring between dishes. And because the oven has a ceramic lining that absorbs grease, cleaning is effortless too – so you can trade your scourer for a nice glass of red wine.

    Why it's great

    "For someone in a wheelchair the slide and hide door with the non-tip shelves have made cooking safer for me. Easier access to the oven cavity also means I can no longer shirk oven cleaning!" - Mandy P

    AEG BPS555020M Built In Electric Single Oven with added Steam Function - Stainless Steel / Black - A+ Rated

    Create bakes that are worthy of the Hollywood handshake with this stainless steel and black AEG single oven. Its 77 litre capacity gives you lots of space to cook, and because it’s multifunctional, there’s a programme for every occasion, whether you’re roasting, baking or grilling. If you’re making Sunday dinner for the family, the SurroundCook feature makes sure the heat is circulated throughout, so your goose fat potatoes and Yorkshire puddings will cook evenly no matter what shelf they’re on. Or if you’re rustling up a homemade pizza, the steam function gives you a crispy crust and fluffy centre, for perfect results. This model also comes with pyrolytic technology, which uses high temperatures to turn grease into ash – meaning it’ll just need a quick wipe with a cloth.

    Why it's great

    "Very pleased so far. Looks good. Controls easy to use. Early days but it's looking good." - A very satisfied ao.com customer
    • Large 77l multifunctional oven has lots of programmes
    • Bake using steam for crusty breads and fluffy cakes
    • Distributes heat evenly so food cooks on every shelf
    • Powerful pyrolytic function - self-cleaning oven
    • Dimensions (cm) - H59.4 x W59.5 x D56.7
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    AEG BPS556020M Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel / Black

    This AEG single oven is a much-needed addition to any cooking-enthusiast’s kitchen. Its spacious 77 litre oven gives you lots space to cook, and because it’s also multifunctional, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to make. It comes with a food probe that monitors the internal temperature of meat. When it reaches your desired heat level, the oven will automatically turn itself off to deliver deliciously succulent results every time. Plus if you fancy yourself a dab-hand at baking, the PlusSteam function injects vapour into the cavity to add a golden, fluffy finish to cakes. And when you’re happy with the results, the pyrolytic cleaning setting will turn any leftover residue into ash that can just be wiped away.

    Why it's great

    "Oven is so far everything we had hoped for. There is actually quite a difference using the various features. Probe worked well on a leg of lamb which was cooked perfectly. Not used steam function or pyrolytic cleaning yet but pizza setting was very good. All in all a very good experience with ao and a very happy customer." - David P
    • Large 77l multifunctional oven has lots of programmes
    • Food probe ensures meat is cooked to perfection
    • Adds steam to your baking for tender meat & tasty dough
    • Powerful pyrolytic function - self-cleaning oven
    • Dimensions (cm) - H59.4 x W59.5 x D56.7

    Bosch Serie 4 HBS573BS0B Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A Rated

    Wow your dinner guests with this built-in electric single oven from Bosch. As it’s multifunctional, it offers a range of cooking options to help you perfect every recipe. The clever 3D Hot Air system uses a fan to evenly distribute heat inside – so your meals will be thoroughly cooked, whichever shelf you place them on. You’ll always know when your delicious dishes are ready thanks to the electronic timer, which will alert you when it’s time to dine. It’s a breeze to keep clean too, as the intelligent pyrolytic cleaning function will burn any leftover grease to ash, which can be easily wiped away. This model is designed to fit at eye level or under a worktop

    Why it's great

    "First class oven in every way. It is incredibly smart and the fan works beautifully, ensuring that everything is cooked to perfection. We are delighted with it." piers Heyworth
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    NEFF N30 Slide&Hide B3CCC0AN0B Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A Rated

    Cook like a pro with this built in single oven from Neff. As it’s multifunctional, you’ll have plenty of options to help you create the perfect meal. It also has a 71 litre capacity, which is ideal for large households. Food will always be cooked to perfection from every angle, thanks to clever CircoTherm® technology which circulates warm air evenly round every shelf. This means flavours won’t transfer, so you can cook a salmon fillet and cookies at the same time. If you’re feeling peckish, the fast pre-heat option rapidly gets the oven up to speed, meaning you won’t have to wait long before tucking into that tasty pizza. And the grease-proof enamel coating inside makes cleaning effortless too.

    Why it's great

    "I am very happy with my new Neff Oven. I really like the slide and hide door it is great for my small kitchen no more leaning over door to get things out of the oven." - Andy
    • Large 71l multifunctional oven has lots of programmes
    • Gives you fast, even cooking without flavour transfers
    • Oven heats up rapidly so there's no need to preheat
    • Grease-proof enamel coating makes oven cleaning easy
    • Dimensions (cm) - H59.5 x W59.4 x D54.8