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    Best Vacuum cleaners for 2023

    If your vacuum just isn’t living up to its hype anymore, chances are you need a new one. Well good news, because you’ve come to the right place (yay!). Whether you’re struggling to get rid of pesky pet hair, day-to-day dust, or the little one’s finally discovered their love for chucking food across the room, we’ve picked out our favourite models and sorted them into piles for you.

    Best all-rounders

    The best all-rounder vacuums make your weekly clean a breeze, clearing your home of dust and crumbs. They’re brimming with nifty features and clever tech to get all your carpets and hard floors looking spotless. Find the model that suits you best here.

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    Best cordless vacuum cleaners

    These days, we don’t have to be tied down to wires and plug sockets to get the most out of our vacuums. With cordless models, you can enjoy a completely free reign of the house (and outside) without compromising on results. These vacuums have loads of great features that equip you for any job, from the living room to the car.

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    Best handheld vacuum cleaners

    The best handheld vacuums take cleaning well beyond the floors. Designed for portability and ease of use, they take care of everything from dusty floors to your darling doggy’s fur-covered cushions. Handheld vacs keep the clean-up simple – just grab and go. No pesky wires, no heavy machinery to haul around.

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    Best robotic vacuum cleaners

    Modern messes require modern solutions. The best robotic vacuum cleaners use a whole host of special tech to get your home looking squeaky-clean with minimal effort. That means it’s time to kick back, whip out your phone, and have your robotic cleaning companion give the house a good once-over. Tidy

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    Best cylinder vacuum cleaners

    Known for their powerful suction and large dust capacity, the best cylinder vacuums let you give the whole home a thorough clean without constant trips to the bin to empty it. Their long cords mean less time spent finding a plug and more time clearing the kitchen of croissant crumbs. And with a load of handy accessories for all types of floors and upholstery, there’s nowhere left for dust and dirt to hide.

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    Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

    If you’ve got a furry friend living with you, you’ll know the struggle of the never-ending clumps of pet hair around the house. Whether it’s constantly on your floors or it just sticks to the sofas, these models have some of the finest tools around to combat those pesky bits of fluff.

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    Best light weight vacuum cleaners

    If you’re helping Grandma find her brand spanking new vacuum cleaner, or you suffer with aches and pains yourself, there are lots of things to take into consideration when buying the right one. If you go for one that’s lightweight, it’ll be easy to carry around the house, and you’ll never put your back out doing it.

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    Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

    Not got a clue which is right for you? We’ve got all the info and advice you need here in our Buying Guide.

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