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    What is 4K UHD?

    4K resolution is the best quality you can watch films or boxsets and play games right now. Learn about the difference it makes to the action and how you can enjoy this top screen quality.

    A clear and detailed picture

    4K (sometimes called Ultra HD or UHD) fills a screen with 4 times as many pixels as Full HD – and the more pixels, the clearer your movies and shows will look. That big action scene or cup final will look a whole lot more detailed than ever before. Now, you’ll never miss a thing.

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    It's great for...


    4K has two main benefits for gaming. Not only will the stunning levels of detail make all the worlds look so realistic, but things you wouldn’t have been able to make out will be clear as day. Sniper hiding in a multi-storey? You’ll be able to see it now. So you can get the first hit, instead of frantically looking around wondering where the shots are coming from.


    Forget the cinema, watch the big blockbusters from home. The detail will bring everything to life. So, those epic fight scenes will feel so real you’ll be squirming in your seat in sympathy. And, you’ll be able to watch from the comfort of your sofa with a fridge full of snacks. Winner.


    Enjoy your team’s away games from home without feeling like you’re missing out. The 4K detail will make every moment look so good, you’ll have a better seat than if you were stood in the stands.

    What can I watch in 4K?

    TV channels

    There’s a few Sky and BT Sports channels that let you watch movies and big events in 4K. But, you do have to pay for the package. The free channels that you flick through are still in SD or HD.

    Streaming apps

    The likes of Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and Amazon Prime all offer 4K streaming. So, if you’ve already got a subscription, you’ll be good to watch your childhood classics and new boxsets in this top quality. Just make sure your internet speed is up to it too – it needs to be at least 15Mbps or higher.


    Although most catch-up apps aren’t in 4K yet, it’s looking promising. BBC iPlayer have started to roll out some of their best series in 4K, including Doctor Who, and David Attenborough’s latest docu-series ‘A Perfect Planet’. Who wouldn’t want to see the best Time Lords and cheeky chimps in all their glory?

    4K Blu-rays

    Prefer to buy the Blu-rays than pay out for an app? Pair this screen with a 4K Blu-ray player or certain games consoles to watch UHD films at their best.


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