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    What is Dynamic Crystal Colour?

    Find out everything you need to know about Dynamic Crystal Colour tech.

    Samsung’s Dynamic Crystal Colour technology unlocks a huge spectrum of stunning hues and colourful tones in your TV screen. The result? Lifelike, vibrant and detailed pictures, whatever you’re sitting down to watch. Find out how these wonderful displays bring you spectacular colour.

    Colour in the action

    Life is better in colour. Samsung agree. That’s why they’ve developed the intelligent Dynamic Crystal Colour technology. It brings over a billion hues to your TV screen. Yes, a billion. That’s 64 times more than a conventional UHD TV brings to the party. Even those subtle tones are brought to life. With Dynamic Crystal Colour, you’re treated to exceptionally detailed action that’s packed with vivid colour. Just how it should be.

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    HDR's colourful friend

    Like any good team, Dynamic Crystal Colour and HDR work together to deliver the best. HDR takes care of the contrast in the TV’s display by ensuring that whites appear brighter and darks appear deeper. So, whether it’s the latest blockbuster or a gripping nature documentary, every single frame is as realistic as it can possibly be. This gives that Dynamic Crystal Colour tech the perfect platform to squeeze every bit of goodness out of that huge colour palette that these TVs boast. More colour and realistic contrast means lifelike pictures every time.

    What is HDR?