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    Beko AeroPerfect™

    Beko’s fantastic range of ovens are just what you need to cook up a feast. With AeroPerfect™ technology, you’ll have evenly baked, piping hot pasta dishes, pies and cakes no matter which shelf they’re on.

    How AeroPerfect™ works

    Beko’s AeroPerfect™ technology gives you even cooking throughout the whole oven. It works by circulating a constant stream of hot air evenly into every corner of the oven to keep the temperature consistent with no fluctuations throughout your bake. Now you can have several batches of cookies on the go at once, and each one will be as tasty as the last. Ready to upgrade meal-times? Check out Beko’s range of ovens.

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    What are the benefits of AeroPerfect™ ovens?

    Cook up any creation

    Beko’s AeroPerfect™ ovens are multifunctional, combining a conventional oven with a fan. They also come with a grill and lots of different programmes to choose from, including a defrost function, that’ll cook all sorts of dishes to perfection. Whether you’re grilling up a breakfast, roasting a delicious Sunday dinner, or baking a sweet treat for dessert, you’ll have everything you need for perfect results with every meal.

    Meals that are always ready when you are

    If you want to make a start on dinner but need to pop out, Beko’s AeroPerfect™ ovens will help you stay on schedule. You can pick what time you want the oven to come on with the LED control panel, and even set how long you want it to cook for with the handy timer function, so it’ll turn off exactly when you want it to. No more pizzas being burned to a crisp.

    Easy clean-ups

    The last thing you want after cooking is to spend hours scrubbing away at a dirty oven – that’s why Beko’s AeroPerfect™ ovens have handy functions to make cleaning easier. Some include SimplySteam™ technology, which uses steam to loosen stubborn stains, or Catalytic liners to absorb grease, whilst Pyrolytic models ramp up the temperature to turn grease and burnt on food to ash which can be simply wiped away. Coupled with easy clean removable door glass, your AeroPerfect™ oven will be spotless and looking as good as new in no time.

    Give the planet a helping hand

    You don’t just get delicious meals with Beko’s AeroPerfect™ RecycledNet™ ovens, you’ll have done your bit for the environment too. That’s because they’re made from recycled fishing nets and other industrial materials. These materials are tough and durable, making them perfect to reuse in ovens, so you get the same top-quality appliance without any extra waste.


    What is Beko AeroPerfect™?