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    Bosch pyrolytic ovens

    Come home to an oven you can rely on with Bosch’s amazing range of cooking appliances. Fully loaded with the very best tech including the super handy self-cleaning pyrolytic function, these ovens are all about making your home life that little bit easier.

    Pyrolytic cleaning

    It can get messy inside an oven with all those cooking juices flowing and when it comes to cleaning, well, no one enjoys that. Thankfully, with self-cleaning pyrolytic tech you won’t have to. This setting ramps up the heat to burn any grease or food splatters into ash. So, all you need to do is wipe away what’s left behind. Voila.

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    Also look out for...

    Programmable timer

    Not only do these ovens have a convenient self-cleaning function, they also come with a handy programmable timer, so you don’t even have to think about cleaning the oven after dinner. You can select a time that best suits you for the pyrolytic function to start working its magic. Even better, this handy timer can be used with your oven’s other functions too, so you can set it to start cooking your food at a time that suits you.

    Unique fan system

    Bosch’s 4D Hot Air setting delivers beautifully balanced cooking. It uses a specially designed fan at the back of the oven that rotates in two directions, spreading heat evenly from corner to corner. This means you can cook that big batch of cookies with consistent results across all shelves.


    With lots of cooking functions, a Bosch multifunctional oven will unleash your creativity. Select PerfectRoast for, well, perfect roasts. Or why not make the most of the Dough Proving function when baking that fresh loaf? The possibilities are endless with a multifunctional oven.

    Steam cooking

    Lock in all your food’s healthy goodness with steam cooking. This setting turns water into steam and releases it through vents into the cavity, gently cooking your food so that it retains all of its nutrients and moisture.


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