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    Bosch SpeedPerfect

    Quick cycles are great for saving time, but they don’t always give your clothes the best wash. With SpeedPerfect washing machines from Bosch, you still get an amazing clean in no time at all.

    What is Bosch SpeedPerfect?

    SpeedPerfect gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a setting on Bosch washing machines that cuts down the time of your washing by up to 65%, while still giving you the thorough clean you’d expect from a longer cycle. Whether you want to wash cottons, synthetics or a mix of both, SpeedPerfect makes cleaning more efficient by increasing the intensity and speed of the cycle. So, if you’re looking to wash a load in a short time, just select the programme you want to use along with the SpeedPerfect setting for amazing results in record time.

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    Benefits of SpeedPerfect

    Time saving

    SpeedPerfect gives you a wash that is up to 65% faster than average, while still ensuring you get the best possible clean. It’s especially useful if you have several loads to put on over a short amount of time. All your washing will be done before you know it.

    Adjusts to your needs

    SpeedPerfect is more than just a one size fits all solution. It can work in combination with other wash programmes such as those for cotton and synthetics to give you even better results by catering to your specific needs.

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    i-DOS automatically senses exactly the right amount of detergent and water to use, as well as the correct temperature, whatever you load into your machine.


    Simply pause the cycle and the machine will automatically adjust the water. This clever feature allows you to add or remove items of any size to your wash.

    Home Connect

    With the Home Connect app, you choose when you need the cycle to start and finish from your smartphone.

    EcoSilence Drive

    Bosch EcoSilence Drive washing machines come with a 10-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.


    What is SpeedPerfect?
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