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Bosch i-Dos washing machine

Make laundry days a breeze with Bosch’s amazing range of i-Dos washing machines. Packed with their flagship auto-dosing i-Dos tech, these appliances will take extra special care of your clothes.


Enjoy fuss-free washing with Bosch’s intelligent i-Dos tech. Clever sensors work out the size of your load and how dirty your clothes are, then changes the amount of detergent your clothes need. Plus, it uses much less detergent than if you were to put it in yourself. So, your clothes will get the very best care and you’ll save money too.

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Bosch 4D washing machine

4D Wash System

Bosch’s 4D Wash System gives you cleaner clothes quicker. This tech sprays a mixture of water and detergent into the middle of the drum while it spins, giving your clothes a better soaking. So, your favourite pair of jeans will get the best clean in less time.

Bosch ecosilence drive washing machine

EcoSilence Drive

Bosch’s EcoSilence Drive washing machines keep the hum from you washing machine to a minimum. The special motor makes just 47 decibels of noise, which is quieter than the sound of the sea. So, you can keep the washing machine on even when you have your friends’ round for a few drinks.

Bosch varioperfect washing machine


With VarioPerfect, you’ll have two ways to clean your clothes. Choose SpeedPerfect if you’re in a hurry, it’ll get through a full load of laundry in just one hour. If you’ve got time to kill and want to save energy, go for the EcoPerfect option, it’ll take a little longer, but you’ll save money on your bills.

Bosch variosoft drum washing machine

VarioSoft drum

Bosch’s VarioSoft drum can give your clothes some tough love or gentle care based on the cycle you choose. The paddles inside the drum are side to tackle those stubborn stains and flatter on the other side to give those delicate fabrics a gentle wash. So, you can choose a cycle to suit what you’re washing.


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