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    The Dyson V15 Detect Animal Vacuum

    No matter what sort of antics your furry friends get up to, Dyson’s V15 Detect Animal vacuum will keep your home spotless. Whether you’ve just come back from walkies or your feline pal has just traipsed in with muddy paws, you’ll have loads of clever tech on hand to give surfaces a thorough cleaning.

    Purrfect for tackling pet hair

    Dyson’s V15 Detect Animal vacuum comes with lots of clever gadgets to take care of whatever you come up against. It won’t matter if you’re picking up tiny specks or muddy chunks – this model will automatically change the suction power for you to make sure everything gets shifted properly. And with the LCD screen showing you exactly what’s been picked up, you won’t have to keep stopping to check your floors are getting an amazing clean.

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    What are the benefits of Dyson’s V15 Detect Animal vacuum?

    Say goodbye to tangled hair

    Not only will this vacuum get rid of stubborn fur from any surface, it’ll make sure it won’t get tangled up either. Even if your pets have been lounging around on your new carpet, the powerful suction will pick up any embedded hair, and the handy comb in the vacuum stops anything getting snagged. Now you’ll have spotless floors and a machine that’s always running at its best.

    Plenty of power to clean every room

    The battery gives you enough power to clean here, there and everywhere in your home. It has a maximum run time of 60 minutes, giving you a full hour to get around the whole house – no need to go plugging it in after tackling each room.

    Every corner is easy to reach

    You’ll have no trouble reaching every last nook and cranny around the house. The vacuum comes with lots of accessories, including a crevice tool for cleaning edges, and a soft dusting brush for delicate surfaces, giving you everything you need to keep your home spotless from top to bottom.

    Vacuuming that’s a breath of fresh air

    You won’t just be cleaning surfaces with this vacuum, because it’s also great at keeping the air in your home clear. It uses a really effective filter system that traps some of the smallest particles floating around – even the ones that you can’t see – and keeps them trapped. Now you can breathe easy knowing your house is cleaner than ever.


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