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    Easy-to-use laptops

    Designed for productivity and entertainment

    Windows 10


    There’s never been a better time to choose Windows, with free upgrade to Windows 11 when available*, and the latest Intel® Core™ processors. Fast and powerful, these will help you fly through your to-do list at work, or stream your favourite films or games on your break. We'll show you why they’re worth the upgrade and who they are great for.

    *Upgrade rollout plan is being finalised and is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device. Certain features require specific hardware, see here.

    What is Windows 10 and Intel® Core™?

    Windows 10 is Microsoft’s flagship operating system, while Intel® Core™ is a popular processor range found in lots of laptops. The dream team. Why? Their power and speed make any PC really easy to use. And because they’re both trusted names, when you pick a model up with these inside, you know it’s one you can rely on. If you’re not up on your tech, just know that these are two to look out for.

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    What are the benefits?

    Perfect for productivity

    Get your work done quicker with Windows 10 and Intel® Core™. Their powerful performance gives you really fast start ups, a battery life that’ll last, and makes it easy to flick between apps. Now all you need to do is block out time in your calendar to fire through your tasks.

    Better connections

    Windows 10 laptops come with Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) – perfect for streaming, gaming, working and browsing. Even if you’re on a shared network with loads of people, this will still connect and load everything really fast. No buffering here.

    Stunning entertainment

    Not only do films and games play smoothly, but they’ll look great too. With an Intel® Core™ processor and Intel® Iris graphics, you’ll see every detail of the action and never miss a thing. Winner.

    Work your way

    Hate constantly typing questions into Google and scrolling through pages of search results? Well, Windows 10 PCs come with voice assistants like Cortana and some even have touchscreens. So, you can control it in a way that works for you.

    Who are these laptops great for?


    Sharpen your skills on a PC with Windows 10 and an Intel® Core™ processor. They’ve got the power to handle creative apps and are designed to make working from a screen really simple.


    Need something to keep up with all the demands of your family life? These have a great battery life, high levels of security and are really light. A true triple threat. They’ll be the go-to when the kids come asking bizarre questions, and will serve up the best recipes when it’s your turn to host Christmas.


    From Forza Horizon 4 to Halo and Gears 5, experience the games you love like the makers intended with a laptop powered by Windows 10 and an Intel® Core™ processor. Not only do they give you great graphics and blazing performance, but they also boots up fast, so you can run all those classic titles and regularly update for the best experience.

    Go getters

    Manage your hectic routine with these thin and light laptops. They’re really easy to use, have great batteries and come with time-saving and security features. With these on your side, you’ll be able to tackle everything the day throws at you.


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