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    Even Cooking

    No one wants to find cold spots in their pasta bakes. Ovens with even cooking technology take care of that, making sure the temperature stays the same on every shelf.

    What are the benefits of even cooking ovens?

    Every meal will look its best

    Your turn to host that big family get-together? Every batch of tasty treats will be as good as the last with ovens that have even cooking technology. Because the temperature stays the same in every corner of the oven, you won’t find burnt edges on your pizzas, or cakes with the infamous soggy bottom.

    Your timings will be down to a T

    Even cooking means accurate cooking. If you’ve got 3 courses to prep, you can trust ovens with even cooking tech to get your dishes ready exactly when the recipe says. This means you won’t keep opening the door to find your food needing a few more minutes.

    Save time and energy

    Because even cooking technology makes sure all your food’s ready on time, you’ll manage to save a few minutes each time you cook. It might not sound like much, but those minutes add up into a lot of extra energy. Now your meals will be ready quicker, and your bills will be lower too. What’s not to love?

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    Check out even cooking in action

    This oven has Multiflow, which is Hotpoint's even cooking tech and is available across their range of ovens and cookers. It sends hot air to all corners of the oven, ensuring your food is cooked from every angle, and uses special sensors that minimise any temperature swings to within a few degrees. It’s also got a steam function for when you want to try your hand at baking, and special liners that absorb grease to make clean-ups a doddle.

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    Perfectly cooked meals every time

    Beko's AeroPerfect™ technology makes sure everything you prepare is quickly and evenly cooked. It constantly moves hot air around every corner of the oven and to each shelf equally. This means that tasty pasta bake or that all important birthday cake won’t be cooked on one side and instead will have a lovely golden finish all over.

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    What is even cooking technology?