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    Even heat distribution


    With an even heat distribution oven, there’ll be no more waiting for the veg on the bottom to catch up with the chicken on top. It does what it says on the tin – hot air is spread around, leaving your dinner with a delicious, even finish and letting you cook on every shelf with confidence. Want to become the master of mealtimes? Take a look below to find out how.


    Say goodbye to burnt bits

    With this nifty tech giving you a helping hand, you can be sure all your dishes come out looking perfect. Every corner of your sponge cakes and pasta bakes gets the same amount of heat, so you can wave off burnt edges and soggy middles. That’s a relief, isn’t it?

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    Beko AeroPerfect™

    We all know the disappointment of taking a cake out the oven which is only crisp on one side. With AeroPerfect™ you’ll have no more half-baked disasters. It uses the fan to send heat evenly around each shelf, making sure every corner has a consistent temperature. Hurrah! Those burnt edges and soggy centres are officially a thing of the past.

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    Hotpoint Multiflow

    Hotpoint’s Multiflow technology gives you perfectly even results every time. This works by releasing hot air through various vents, helping it hit each shelf and corner equally. So, not only will each dish be cooked the whole way through, but it’ll leave every pasta bake and batch of blueberry muffins beautifully golden too.

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    If you’ve got a big family meal planned – or you’re just extra hungry – then Equiflow™ can give you a helping hand. It evenly distributes heat across every shelf inside the oven, so it’s great for making sure everything is piping hot and ready to serve at the same time. That way, you’re not stuck snacking on breadsticks while you wait for the sides to finish (as tasty as they are).

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    Nothing’s more disappointing than a lasagne with burnt edges and a lukewarm middle. Luckily, Fisher & Paykel’s AeroTech™ circulates heat around the oven so everything is thoroughly cooked, no matter what shelf it’s on. Now you don’t need to worry about some parts being too hot or too cold, the whole meal will be just right.

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    This Smeg range cooker has a special Circulaire fan function which distributes air from the circular heating element evenly throughout the oven for consistent cooking on every shelf without any flavour transfer between sweet and savoury foods. Food cooks more quickly too, and there’s no need to preheat the oven, making it extra economical – so you’ll keep your electricity bills low.

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    AEG’s SurroundCook creates evenly cooked dishes, always. By circulating hot air around the cavity, heat hits your food equally from all angles. So, if you’ve prepared a tasty homemade lasagne, it’s guaranteed to leave the oven perfectly cooked, satisfyingly crispy, and nothing but delicious through and through.

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