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    Fridge Freezer Food Preservation

    Food preservation tech will make sure your salads, veggies and meat are always the star of the show. Storing them at the perfect temperature means they’ll stay fresher – and tastier – for longer than ever.

    Hisense My Fresh Choice

    If your shopping list changes every week, or you’re stocking up for a big occasion, then Hisense’s My Fresh Choice zone is for you. The temperature in this clever section can be changed for a soft, medium or deep freeze to keep whatever you’re storing in tip-top condition. Whether it’s your favourite ice cream, or some meaty treats for that summer BBQ, your goodies will always be at their best.

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    Hotpoint's Active Oxygen

    Hotpoint's Active Oxygen is on hand to keep food fresh for longer. This clever tech creates the perfect environment for your food, while reducing 99% of bacteria and viruses* and keeping bad odours at bay. Now nutrients and flavours will stay locked in, and those healthy fruit salads will always be at their delicious best.

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    Also look out for...

    Beko HarvestFresh™

    Love fruit and veg, but hate that it spoils quick? With Beko HarvestFresh™ tech, you can lock in the good stuff for longer. Clever lighting technology in the crisper drawer mimics the sun’s cycle to help keep your fruit and veg jam-packed with nutrients - this means your family will always enjoy the freshest and healthiest food.

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    Bosch VitaFresh

    No.1 on the list of things to ruin a tasty burger? Soggy salad. Do you have to put up with it? No fridging way. The VitaFresh drawer system is separate from the rest of the fridge and has its own temperature and humidity controls, so you can keep fruit and vegetables in the ideal conditions to preserve them for as long as possible. This means you’ll always be eating with the freshest ingredients and there’ll be no more last minute trips to the supermarket to replace something that’s gone off.

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    Haier Fresher Techs

    From Fresher Zones that store your food in the perfect conditions to Fresher Filters that keep the air clean and bacteria-free, Haier Fresher Techs makes sure your fridge freezer keeps everything tasting its best. So whether you're hosting a big family get-together or just having a nice dinner for two, you know you’ll always be tucking into the freshest food.

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    Hotpoint's Fresh Zone+

    Store your fruit and veg in the perfect environment with Hotpoint's Fresh Zone+. This handy drawer lets you adjust the humidity levels to suit different types of food, so you’ll always enjoy the crunchiest lettuce and the juiciest strawberries.

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    What is Hotpoint's food preservation technology?
    What is Beko HarvestFresh™?
    How does Bosch VitaFresh help to preserve my food?

    *ISO 9001-2001 certification. Tests performed by Sereco-Biotest Laboratory Virucidal field tests done by Notovir srl following the Guidance on the BPR, Vol. II Parts B+C, v. 3.0 Apr 2018 and including also Human Coronavirus OC43 for 24 hours at 4°C. Results referred to Murine Norovirus and Human Coronavirus OC43 and may vary based on shelf positioning and presence/absence of packaging. Tests on bacteria done by an independent laboratory on Petri plates in the 24 hours, according to ISO 22196, bacteria tested E.Coli and St. Aureus.