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Fridge Freezer Food Preservation

With food preservation tech in your fridge freezer, your food will remain fresher for longer, helping you to reduce the amount of food you throw away and the chance of odours filling the fridge.

Bosch VitaFresh

No.1 on the list of things to ruin a tasty burger? Soggy salad. Do you have to put up with it? No fridging way. The VitaFresh drawer system is separate from the rest of the fridge and has its own temperature and humidity controls, so you can keep fruit and vegetables in the ideal conditions to preserve them for as long as possible.

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Haier Antibacterial Technology

Haier created its exclusive ABT® antibacterial technology to reduce bacteria where it would normally thrive. By reducing the number of germs, it maintains the original flavours of your food for longer, while also improving hygiene. So keeping the fridge and the food inside it fresher is as easy as ABT®.

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Hotpoint Active Oxygen

Is your fridge smelling a bit funky? Active Oxygen is food preservation tech that makes sure all your fridge favourites are full of flavour, by storing them at the perfect temperature. It keeps bacteria at bay and locks in nutrients, to help food stay first-day-fresh for up to 9 days.

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Also look out for...

Haier humidity zone

Humidity Zone and Dry Zone from Haier

These separate storage options allow you to store different food types in the right conditions. The humidity section will keep humidity levels at up to 90%, great for leafy greens and herbs. And the Dry Zone keeps humidity levels below 45%, ideal for anything that rots easily.

Haier cooling instaswitch feature

SwitchZone from Haier

Ever run out of room in the freezer, but got plenty in the fridge or vice versa? SwitchZone is space that can function as a fridge or freezer. With an individually maintained temperature, you can store anything from fresh fruit and veg to frozen meats and desserts.

Hotpoint fridge freezer freshzone plus drawer

FreshZone+ from Hotpoint

Vegetables benefit from higher humidity levels than fruit, so the FreshZone+ drawer lets you change the humidity levels inside using a simple slider to suit the food type stored.

Holiday setting for fridge freezer

Holiday Setting from Bosch

Use the holiday setting to save energy while you’re away from home. Because the refrigerator doors are kept closed, the fridge doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain the ideal cooling temperature, helping you save on electricity bills. You could use the money you’ll save to get a couple more ice creams on your trip.


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