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    Keep Food Fresh


    Storing your groceries is as simple as popping them in the fridge and closing the door, right? Not always - food can be fussy. But thankfully, there are plenty of fridge freezers that are kitted out with clever tech that gives everything from your cheese to your peas the perfect environment for staying fresh.


    Whether this nifty tech is controlling the temperature, lighting or humidity, you can rest easy knowing all those delicious ingredients stay fresher for longer. Because this reduces waste, you’ll be saving money on your food shops and spending less time in the supermarket. That sounds like a whole lot of winning to us.

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    Total No Frost

    Give your fruit and veg a home they deserve with the Humidity Zone. The drawer’s clever membrane removes moisture from the air, so condensation doesn’t build up and the humidity stays at 90%.  This keeps everything from apples to asparagus extra fresh for up to seven days. You can even store cake and bread in there too – magic. 

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    Love fruit and veg, but hate that it spoils quick? With Beko HarvestFresh™ tech, you can lock in the good stuff for longer. Clever lighting technology in the crisper drawer mimics the sun’s cycle to help keep your fruit and veg jam-packed with nutrients - this means your family will always enjoy the freshest and healthiest food.
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    Fridge Freezers


    If you love whipping up a colourful stir-fry, Fisher & Paykel’s ActiveSmart™ technology is the one for you. Usually, the temperature inside the fridge goes up and down when the door is opened. With this one, it’ll automatically adjust the settings to keep the climate steady. This’ll keep all your peppers, beansprouts and onions juicier for longer – say goodbye to soggy greens.

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    Miele’s DailyFresh feature keeps your fruit and vegetables as delicious as the day you brought them home. A special drawer in the fridge adds moisture to the air, and you can adjust the humidity to suit the items you’re storing inside. So, whether it’s tomatoes for a Caprese salad, or onions for a French soup, they’ll stay tasty and plumper for longer.

    American Fridge Freezers


    The Coolmatic function on this model from AEG helps keep food extra fresh. When you add new food items from the supermarket into your fridge it’s really important to chill them as quickly as possible to lock in flavour, freshness and nutrients. When you’ve done a big shop you can use this setting to lower the fridge temperature to 2°C for just long enough to bring all the contents to the optimum storage temperature so your food will stay fresh for longer.

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    Bosch’s VitaFresh system keeps fruits and vegetables in great condition for longer. Once you’ve popped them inside, the drawer’s temperature will stay low and steady. You can also adjust the moisture level to suit your foods, prolonging their life. So, whether it’s a punnet of juicy grapes or a bag of healthy greens, you can be sure that they’ll always last the week ahead.

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