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    Fridge freezers with hygiene technology

    Keeping your fridge freezer hygienically clean can be tough - with different foods mingling, you might not even realise that bacteria is building up. A model with clever hygiene tech can help stop bacteria from growing inside, making sure your food is always stored in a fresh, safe environment.

    What are the benefits of hygiene tech?

    Reduces bacteria

    Fresh food won’t last long in a grimy fridge. A fridge freezer with Hygiene tech stops bacteria from growing inside so your food stays hygienically fresh for longer. This means you’ll never have to worry about your family eating gone-off food.

    No more bad smells

    Say goodbye to funky fridges. New anti-bacterial tech keeps bacteria and mould from growing inside, so there are no whiffy smells to wade through each time you open the fridge.

    Hotpoint Active Oxygen

    Say goodbye to funky smells with Hotpoint’s Active Oxygen technology – it stops bacteria and mould from growing inside, so your food stays fresher and safer to eat. Plus, you won’t have to pinch your nose every time you go to grab a drink.

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    Also look out for...

    Haier ABT®

    Protect your food with Haier’s Anti-Bacterial Treatment tech. It keeps the air in your fridge filtered and clean, helping to get rid of bacteria. So, your food is kept in the best conditions for long-lasting freshness.

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    Beko HygieneShield™

    Keep your family happy and healthy with Beko HygieneShield™. As soon as you load your shopping into the fridge, a powerful UV light sanitises your packaged food, removing more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

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