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    Defrosting Tech

    Manual defrosting means puddles all over the kitchen floor and the hassle of finding somewhere to store all your food in the meantime – no-one has time for that. We’ll walk you through the different types of defrosting tech that you’ll come across in fridge freezers, so you can ditch the defrosting for good.

    What are the different types of defrosting tech? 


    Static cooling is one of the oldest cooling systems. It means that you will need to manually defrost the freezer and de-ice the fridge compartment on a regular basis.

    Low Frost

    Low frost means that there will be reduced frost in the freezer but it won’t stop any ice build up in the fridge. You will still need to manually defrost the freezer from time to time.

    Frost Free

    Frost free refers to the freezer compartment. You won’t need to defrost the freezer although you many still find condensation and moisture build up in the fridge.

    Total No Frost

    If you never want to defrost your fridge freezer again then look out for Total No Frost technology. It constantly circulates cool air around both compartments stopping any ice from ever building up on the cabinet walls.

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    Hisense Fridge Freezers with Total No Frost

    Never defrost your fridge freezer again. Ever. Unlike frost free tech that only works in the freezer, Hisense’s fantastic Total No Frost range can stop ice building in both the fridge and freezer. This means you’ll never have to unload your food and you’ll never have to manually defrost. Think of all the time you’ll get back! You could enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of wine instead…

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    Where else can you find Total No Frost?


    Get Total No Frost with Hotpoint’s fantastic range of fridge freezers, along with their FreshZone+ drawer which creates the perfect environment for your fruit and veg.

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    Cross defrosting off your list thanks to Samsung’s Total No Frost range. And, their Twin Cooling Plus tech keeps the temperature in both the fridge and freezer consistent for long-lasting food freshness.

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    Never defrost again with Haier's Total No Frost range. Plus, the special Switch Zone compartment can transform from a fridge to a freezer space, depending on your needs.

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    Discover Whirlpool's range of fridge freezers with Total No Frost. Plus, their 6th Sense Fresh Control tech maintains the same temperature throughout, so you’ll never lose any cold air, even when you open the fridge.

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