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Frost Free Tech

Manual defrosting means puddles all over the kitchen floor and the hassle of finding somewhere to store all your food in the meantime. With the latest frost free fridge freezers, ice isn’t an issue, so you can ditch defrosting for good.

Hisense Total No Frost

Unlike frost free tech that only works in the freezer, Total No Frost stops ice from forming in your fridge and freezer. It means you’ll never have to defrost manually again. Ever. Think of all the time you’d get back! You could enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of wine instead…

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Hoover Frost Free

Whether you use a wooden spoon, a wallpaper scraper, or a spatula, chipping away at ice in the freezer can be a real workout! Save your energy; frost free tech does the hard work so you don’t have to.

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Beko Frost Free

Did you know that each time you open your freezer door, warm air sneaks in? Beko frost free tech uses an automatic fan to remove warm air before it has a chance to condense into water and freeze into ice. That’s how its able to keep the freezer free from icy build-ups and you don’t have to lift a finger!

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Also look out for...

hisense dual tech fridge freezer

Dual-Tech Cooling

In addition to Hisense’s Total No Frost technology, its Dual-Tech Cooling system runs throughout the whole fridge freezer, helping to maintain the ideal humidity levels in each compartment, and stop any funny smells transferring between the two.

Food in a frost free fridge

Auto defrost

The auto defrost feature makes these Beko fridge freezers super low maintenance. A small drainage hole channels away excess moisture before it has chance to freeze. This means there’s never any need to manually defrost, or even any need to mess about with controls.


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