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    Frost Reduction


    Tired of wasting your weekends scraping out icy build-ups? We’ve all been there.
    Luckily, there are plenty of top-notch models out there that do the hard work for you– by preventing the problem in the first place! That’s exactly what frost reduction is all about, so you can actually enjoy your Saturdays.


    Get your weekends back

    Save yourself a ton of time and effort by slowing down or outright stopping ice from building up.

    Go greener

    When your fridge freezer doesn't have to fight with frost the motor won’t need to work as hard. That means it'll run more efficiently and be better for the environment. It could even save you a pretty penny too!

    More room for food

    You’ll have more space inside to fill up with tasty treats without all that ice getting in the way.

    Cleaner and fresher

    It’s much better at keeping your food fresh. Ice that lingers for too long can become stale and stinky – no one wants that. It can even grow mould if it comes into contact with food. So, keep your freezer space fresh by keeping frost to a minimum.

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    Total No Frost

    Thanks to Total No Frost technology, you’ll never have to waste weekends chipping away at icy blocks in your fridge freezer. Because cold air is constantly circulated throughout both cabinets, ice doesn’t have the chance to build up on the walls. So, your food’s kept perfectly fresh, but you’ll never have the hassle of manually defrosting – saving you time and effort.

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    Also look out for...

    Fridge Freezers


    This AEG model has a handy Frostmatic setting that’s perfect for when you’re adding groceries to your freezer. By rapidly decreasing the temperature inside the cabinet, this feature makes sure that any fresh or slightly thawed food is frozen as quickly as possible to lock in freshness and nutrients. Once all your food is perfectly frozen, the freezer will return to its standard setting.

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    Total No Frost

    Thanks to this model’s Total No Frost System, keeping it in tip-top shape is a doddle. It circulates air around the freeze, slowing the build-up of ice and keeping everything working properly. Now that you don’t have to reach for your scraper any time soon, why not pop your feet up with a brew?

    American Fridge Freezers


    Nobody likes to spend lots of time defrosting their freezer, which is why this model’s lowFrost technology is ideal. Because there aren’t any grids or evaporators inside the cabinet, it reduces the amount of ice that would typically build up over time. Instead, any excess water is collected in a small dish, which can be easily emptied when the time does eventually come.

    Fresher Shield

    With the nifty Fresher Shield, your freezer and the food inside will stay in tip-top shape. It drains frost without letting air escape, so your bags of peas and tubs of ice cream stay at a steady temperature. This also means those icy build-ups stay away from your food, protecting all the flavour and nutrients. It can even push cold air into the fridge, to quickly chill any new items – now you know all your groceries will taste just as good as the day you bought them. Sounds brr-illiant to us.