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    Frost Free Tech

    Manual defrosting means puddles all over the kitchen floor and the hassle of finding somewhere to store all your food in the meantime. With the latest frost free fridge freezers, ice isn’t an issue, so you can ditch defrosting for good.


    Static cooling is one of the oldest cooling systems. It means that you will need to manually defrost the freezer and de-ice the fridge compartment on a regular basis.

    Low Frost

    Low frost means that there will be reduced frost in the freezer but it won’t stop any ice build up in the fridge. You will still need to manually defrost the freezer from time to time.

    Frost Free

    Frost free refers to the freezer compartment. You won’t need to defrost the freezer although you many still find condensation and moisture build up in the fridge.

    Total No Frost

    This new technology means there is no frost in either the freezer or fridge. It constantly circulates cool air around both compartments preventing any ice build-up on the cabinet walls.

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    Hisense Fridge Freezers with Total No Frost

    Unlike frost free tech that only works in the freezer, Total No Frost stops ice from forming in your fridge and freezer. It means you’ll never have to defrost manually again. Ever. Think of all the time you’d get back! You could enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of wine instead…

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    Hisense American Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel Effect - A+ Rated

    Hisense American Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel Effect - A+ Rated


    • 431 Litre capacity - holds 23 bags of food shopping
    • Clever tech stops ice build-ups in the fridge & freezer
    • Water dispenser - no plumbing required
    • Fill tray with water and twist to get ice
    • Narrow width - 79.4cm
    Haier 60/40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Silver - A+ Rated

    Haier 60/40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Silver - A+ Rated


    • 330 litre capacity - holds 18 bags of food shopping
    • Humidity control keeps fruit and veg fresher for longer
    • Special compartment is ideal for meat, fish and dairy
    • Specially designed freezer drawers give easy access
    • Dimensions (cm) - H190 x W59.5 x D65.7

    Also look out for...

    AEG TwinTech

    AEG’s TwinTech™ technology uses separate cooling systems, one for the fridge and one for the freezer. This creates the ideal temperature and humidity level for your fresh food. It’s Total No Frost technology also means your freezer is kept completely frost free, so you’ll never have to manually defrost again.

    Samsung TwinCooling Plus

    In addition to offering Total No Frost protection, Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus creates the best environment to keep food at fresher for longer. It has separate cooling systems in the fridge and freezer to control their temperatures independently. This provides perfect temperature and humidity levels in both compartments.

    Haier MyZone

    Not only does Haier provide you with a completely frost-free fridge and freezer, it also offers convertible storage zones. The MyZone compartment found on some models can transform from fridge to a freezer space using the simple controls. The drawers can also be removed to give you even more flexibility when it comes to storing bulkier items.


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