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    Intel® Core™ Processors


    What's Inside Matters

    Look for an Intel® Core™ processor inside over 1.6 billion PCs

    We know tech can be a bit confusing sometimes, so that’s why we’re going to lay out exactly what Intel® processors do and why they’re an essential part of your PC.

    What is an Intel® Core™ processor?

    A processor controls everything that your computer does, so it’s kind of like our PC’s brain. Whether you want to stream films, play games or just get on with some work, a processor lets you do tasks faster and more efficiently. With the new 10th gen of Intel® Core™ Processors, you can guarantee peak performance from your computer when you need it.

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    Which Intel® processor is right for me?


    The Intel® Core™ i3 processor is perfect for day to day web browsing, social and Microsoft 365 productivity. But that’s not all, It can also handle 4K streaming so you can enjoy your favourite shows in the highest possible quality. More of a creative? No worries. The Intel® Core™ i3 processor can manage easy photo editing without any issues.

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    The Intel® Core™ i5 processor is a step up from the Intel® Core™ i3 and let’s you do even more at once – literally. If you like multitasking on your computer, the Intel® Core™ i5 is the processor for you. Maybe you want to try out some creative applications? Go right ahead. Content creation will come naturally with this powerful processor.

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    If you like to push the limits of your computer, then the Intel® Core™ i7 is a must-have. It can help render videos in record time while making sure all the latest creative applications run smoothly. It’s also ideal for gamers. The Intel® Core™ i7 can handle all the latest games and give you a silky-smooth refresh rate no matter what genre you play the most.

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    The Intel® Core™ i9 is Intel®’s fastest and most powerful processor yet. It’s able to handle the most difficult tasks without breaking a sweat. From editing massive video files to creating 3D models with ease, the Intel® Core™ i9 really is the best of the best.

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    Now that you know exactly what each Intel® Core™ processor can do, it’s important to make sure your computer has enough memory to keep up. Memory works with the processor to manage all the applications open on your computer. So, it’s essential for multitasking.

    4GB - If you’re only ever browsing the web and using basic programs at the same time, then 4GB will be plenty.

    8GB - If you like to jump back and forth between streaming, web browsing and using numerous applications, 8GB of memory will give you more than enough power.

    16GB - If you constantly have demanding applications open – from games to design studios – you’ll need some advanced memory to jump between them without any issues. 16GB will have you covered.


    Storage is similar to memory but for the long term. Whenever you save something on to your computer, you’ll be using up storage space on your hard drive. So, it’s important that you have enough space for what you want on your computer.

    64-128 GB - This is a good amount of space if you only have a few applications and files that are relatively small. It’s the equivalent to about 50 videos worth of space.

    256-750GB - If you’ve got plenty of applications along with a host of files, photos and videos for your computer, it’s best to bump up the storage to keep you covered. This is the equivalent to about 100 videos worth of space.

    1TB - In order to manage lots of demanding applications and large install sizes, you’ll need around a 1TB. Now you can install plenty of games while saving massive files along the way without hitting your storage limit. This is the equivalent of about 200 videos worth of space.


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