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    Intel® Core™ Processors

    by Intel

    What's Inside Matters

    Look for an Intel® Core™ processor inside over 1.6 billion PCs

    We know tech can be a bit confusing sometimes, so that’s why we’re going to lay out exactly what Intel® processors do and why they’re an essential part of your laptop or desktop.

    What is an Intel® Core™ processor?

    A processor controls everything that your computer does, so it’s kind of like our PC’s brain. Whether you want to stream films, play games or just get on with some work, a processor lets you do tasks faster and more efficiently. With the new 11th gen of Intel® Core™ Processors, you can guarantee the smoothest experience from your computer when you need it.

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    Which Intel® processor is right for me?


    The Intel® Core™ i3 processor is perfect for day to day web browsing, social media and working with Microsoft 365. But that’s not all it can handle.

    • Stream your favourite shows in 4K.
    • Game till your heart’s content with ultra-sharp graphics.
    • Get creative and edit photos without any issues.

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    The Intel® Core™ i5 processor is a step up from the Intel® Core™ i3 and lets you do even more at once.

    • Enjoy the latest films with 4K streaming.
    • Get your head in the game with stunning HD graphics.
    • Multi-task like a pro with multiple applications open at once.
    • Load up in seconds with Intel® Rapid Start Technology.

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    If you like to push the limits of your computer, then the Intel® Core™ i7 is a must-have.

    • Stream the latest blockbusters in 4K.
    • Own the battlefield with stunning graphics and silky-smooth refresh rates.
    • Work from multiple apps at the same time without a drop in performance.
    • Render video files in record time without any buffering.
    • Load up in seconds with Intel® Rapid Start Technology.

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    The Intel® Core™ i9 is Intel®’s fastest and most powerful processor yet. It’s able to handle the most difficult tasks without breaking a sweat.

    • Enjoy all your favourite entertainment with 4K streaming.
    • Take your gaming to the next level with ultra-sharp graphics and silky-smooth refresh rates.
    • Multi-task with ease using multiple apps at the same time.
    • Render video files in record time without any buffering.
    • Edit films and create 3D models with ease.
    • Load up in seconds with Intel® Rapid Start Technology.

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    Now that you know exactly what each Intel® Core™ processor can do, it’s important to make sure your computer has enough memory to keep up. Memory (RAM) works with the processor to manage all the applications open on your computer. So, the amount of memory you need will be decided by what you use your laptop or desktop for.

    4GB - Perfect for browsing the web and using basic programs at the same time.

    8GB - Perfect for demanding multi-tasking, 8GB of memory will give you enough power to jump back and forth between streaming, browsing and using numerous apps at the same time.

    16GB - Perfect for gamers and creatives. 16GB of memory will make running those power hungry creative apps and huge game worlds a walk in the park. So you’ll be able to jump between the battlefield and editing that video without any issues.


    Storage is your computer’s long term memory. Whenever you save something on to your computer, you’ll be using up storage space on your hard drive. So, it’s important that you have enough space for whatever you want to keep on your computer.

    64-128 GB - This is a good amount of space if you only have a few apps and files that are relatively small. It’s the same as about 50 videos worth of space.

    256-750GB - If you’ve got plenty of apps along with a host of files, photos and videos it’s best to bump up the storage to keep you covered. This is the same as about 100 videos worth of space.

    1TB - In order to manage lots of demanding apps and large creative files, you’ll need around 1TB of storage. Now you can install plenty of games while saving massive files along the way without maxing your storage limit. This is the same as about 200 videos worth of space.

    Intel® Evo™

    The Intel® Evo™ platform brings together the perfect combination of performance, responsiveness, battery life and stunning visuals in a new class of laptops. These designs are verified by Intel for an exceptional laptop experience, anywhere.

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