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    What is a Smart Speaker?

    Taking the plunge into smart home tech? Since a smart speaker lets you control other smart tech with your voice, this is naturally where most people start. If all this new tech is hard to wrap your head around, we’ve broken down what smart speakers do and looked at their best features to help you out.

    What do they do?

    It’s amazing how much a smart speaker can do! By just asking, it’ll help manage your hectic week, add stuff to your shopping list and play a game with you. And the list goes on (and on and on…)

    Some speakers, like the Google Nest Hub, come with a screen too. So, when you ask for a recipe or the weather forecast, it can actually show you the results, as well as telling you.

    If you’re into your tunes, you might want to check out all their sound tech. The likes of the Google Nest Hub Max and Echo Studio have some epic features that’ll wrap you up in all your favourite songs.

    They connect to other compatible smart tech too, letting you turn your smart lights on or look who’s at the door, just by asking the voice assistant. When it comes to choosing which one you want, keep in mind any other tech you’d like and make sure that they’re compatible.

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    The big brands

    From our phones to TVs, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are all around us these days, including in our smart speakers. They’re all very similar, but here’s a few things we love about each brand.


    Amazon have a range of speakers for putting in different spaces around the home, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for sitting by your bedside or on the kitchen shelf. Alexa is amazing for shopping with too, as you can just ask it to add toilet roll to your weekly list, or re-order the dog food.

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    Since Google Assistant is linked to our most-used search engine, there’s not many trivial questions it won’t be able to answer. The speakers recognise different voices too, meaning everyone in the house (up to 6 people) can add events to personal calendars, or access their own playlists on their streaming account.

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    The sleek modern design of Apple’s HomePod looks amazing in any room. The high-quality speakers stream Apple Music and blast out all your playlists, making them perfect for anyone that’s into their tunes.

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