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    LG Soundbars

    Bring the power of cinema into your home

    Why settle for just a good TV set-up when you can have an intense, truly immersive experience instead? That’s where an LG soundbar comes into play. Whether you prefer music, movies or gaming, these soundbars are packed with loads of ground-breaking sound technology that’ll transform your living room into your very own home cinema. Total surround sound, powerful bass and crystal clear one liners at your service.

    Why do we love them so much?

    Pump it louder

    LG have partnered with MERIDIAN Audio to give you a better sound. If you’re watching a boxset, every conversation will be clear, natural and refined. Or if you feel like jamming along to the Glastonbury highlights instead, its powerful bass will make it feel like the real thing. So grab a drink, wave a flag and slap on some sun cream – you’ll forget you’re not actually there. Maybe next year.

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    Go inside the movie

    Have you ever been so invested in a car chase, or totally mesmerised by a nature doc that you’ve wanted to jump inside the screen and experience it for yourself? With Dolby Atmos, that dream is a whole lot closer. It uses the best of the best technology to track every object’s direction on the screen, before bouncing its sound across the room. So if a comet’s about to strike from the left, or a Lamborghini’s drag-racing through the mean streets of Miami, you’ll feel them shooting through your ears like you wouldn’t believe.

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    One half of the dynamic duo

    Got an LG TV? A soundbar will be the yin to its yang. They’re specially designed to work seamlessly together, bringing your living room’s sound system to a whole new level. Whether you’re catching up on the footy or zoning out to your favourite Mozart performance on YouTube, you’ll always get the smoothest, most realistic sounds possible.

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    Other snazzy features...

    Connect it in a way that suits you

    Whether you’re linking it up to a brand spanking new LG TV, or you can’t let go of an old one that still does the job (if you say so), there’s always a port to suit. You can pick from HDMI or Optical if you need a wired connection, or even better – if your TV has Bluetooth, connect them wirelessly and de-clutter your unit.

    Hear every conversation loud and clear

    Some LG TVs come with an Alpha 9 AI Processor. If you’ve got one and you buy a compatible LG soundbar to go with it, you’ll get a sound so good that you’ll think you’re at the cinema. Just flick on Sound Mode Share, and the TV will share its processing power and AI Sound Pro with the soundbar. The result? You’ll hear conversations so clear that you’ll want to butt in.

    The slickest set up around

    No one does style quite like LG does. Their soundbars have an effortlessly cool, modern look about them – and they’re specially designed to become a feature of the home rather than just a bulky addition to your TV unit.

    Take your gaming to the next level

    With Dolby Atmos in tow, you’ll be tearing up the streets, saving the world and crushing your enemies with more confidence than ever before. Because it tracks objects on the screen and projects their noises into every corner of the room, you’ll be pulled off the sofa and thrown into TV. Well not quite, but you get the jist…

    The personal assistant you never had

    “Alexa, play Bruce Springsteen.” If you’ve got a smart speaker, like a Google Home or an Amazon Echo, you can link it to your compatible soundbar and ask it to play music. So whether you prefer Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay 2 or Chromecast, just give the speaker a shout and your soundbar will have you dancing in the dark in no time. Glory days.

    A friend of the Earth

    Gone are the days of Styrofoam and plastic bags. Yuck. Some LG soundbars are made from recycled materials, and they’ll arrive on your doorstep in environmentally-friendly packaging. No explanation needed, really.


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