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    Precise temperature control for perfect cooking results

    With features like Accurate temperature control, Miele ovens make cooking simple. It keeps the temperature at the desired heat in every corner of the oven, so you can say goodbye unevenly cooked food with burnt edges.

    How it works

    Whether you’re cooking for friends and family or simply preparing a meal for one, you want the results to be perfect every time. However, with most ovens, the temperature can fluctuate by up to 5 degrees each way, and heat is not always evenly distributed leaving some cooler spots. Miele’s Accurate temperature control feature puts a stop to that. It carefully controls the flow of hot air throughout the whole oven. So, if you set it to 180 degrees, then the entire oven will be between 179 and 181 – essentially spot on! This gives you perfect results, every time. For a closer look, check out our full range of Miele precision temperature ovens here.

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    What are the benefits?

    An oven you can trust

    With Accurate temperature control, you’ll always have the right temperature for your food across the entire oven, so you don’t need to worry about burnt pizza edges or raw middles.

    Time your cooking to perfection

    Take the guesswork out of cooking. With no dips in temperature, you’ll know exactly how long each dish should stay in for.


    What is precise temperature control?
    How does Miele precise temperature control work?