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    What is a Samsung Galaxy Book?

    If you welcome a Samsung Galaxy Book into your life, you’ll get so much more than a laptop. A study partner, a playmate and something you can rely on. And as well as being lightweight, stylish and easy to use, they’re powered by Intel®, so they’re bursting with power and ready to get stuck in. A new term has never looked so good.

    Why choose a Samsung Galaxy Book?

    Packed with power

    Because most Galaxy Books come with either an i5 or i7 Intel® Core™ processor, they’re fantastic for taking on-the-go with you. They’ve also got an impressive amount of RAM, which makes multitasking a pleasure. So, whether you’re editing a jazzy new video or just juggling a few essays from the coffee shop, they’ll be your best buddy.

    Won’t hog your bag space

    Samsung’s Galaxy Books are super neat and compact. They’re really light too, so you’ll never feel like you’re lugging around a heavy brick. Your back will thank you for that. Plus, since their HD screens go right up to the edge, you can wave goodbye to ugly borders. See ya.

    Built to go the extra mile, or two

    With Intel® Evo’s badge of honour, a Galaxy Book is designed to get you through the day. Whilst you’re busy working away, it’ll do its own thing in the background and optimise all your hardware. This means you’ll get way more bang for your buck when it comes to battery life, and you’ll never be scrambling around for the charger after just a couple of hours.

    Links up with your other devices

    If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you’ll be able to link it up to your new Samsung Galaxy Book. From there, you can share all your files, notes and voice memos across devices. And if you connect the laptop to 5 of your most-loved mobile apps, you can enjoy flicking between them on the bigger screen.

    Samsung Galaxy Book 15.6" Laptop - Silver

    This Samsung Galaxy Book isn’t just a laptop, it’s your new lifeline. With a Full HD screen that stretches from edge to edge, it’ll bring out the finest detail in whatever you’re watching or doing. And, if you’ve always got to have your fave bop on as you’re scrolling through your various feeds, playlists and shopping carts, its 8GB of RAM and Intel® Core™ i5 processor makes it the perfect candidate for multitasking. You’ll be whizzing between apps like no tomorrow. It doesn’t stop there either, since the 256GB SSD gives you speedy load up times and less waiting around. What a hero.

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    What are Samsung Galaxy Books great for?

    Streaming films and boxsets

    What fun is all work and no play? Not a lot, that’s for sure. That’s why Galaxy Books are just as great for relaxing as they are for bossing your studies. Because their anti-glare screen tech reflects light, you’ll never have to deal with random objects in your bedroom showing up in the movie. Their screens go right up to the edge too – no more bezels.

    Working on the go

    Trains, planes and automobiles – a Galaxy Book will be your new best workmate. Because you can sync them up with smartphones and tablets, it’s easy to fire files and documents from one to the other. So, if you’ve had a sudden brainwave on the bus but your laptop’s back at home, just scribble it down on your phone and it’ll be there waiting for you when you get back. Such a smarty pants.

    Running your top apps

    Ever wondered what your fave TikToks would look like on a bigger screen? If you connect your top 5 mobile apps to your Galaxy Book, you can use them from there. This is what dreams are made of.

    Pinging pics to friends and family

    If you’re still emailing photos to your nearest and dearest, where have you been? Samsung’s Quick Share mode lets you share snaps, videos and documents to other people with just one click of a button. There’s no excuse to not keep Mum updated now.


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