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    Top 4 Samsung Oven Features

    Looking for a new Samsung oven to upgrade your kitchen? We know all the tech jargon can be a bit daunting, so we’ve made a list of the top 4 features that’ll give you a helping hand when you cook. From recipe inspiration to hassle-free clean-ups, Samsung will bring less stress and more fun to your mealtimes.



    The Fabulous 4 Features

    Cook Two Meals at Once With Dual Cook Flex™ Oven

    With the clever Dual Cook Flex™ divider you can prepare 2 dishes, at different settings and temperatures, without any flavours mixing. Plus, the hinged door lets you open the whole oven, or just the top half, while keeping the heat lower down. Now you can baste the chicken in the top, without your Yorkshires collapsing in the bottom. Not only is it extra flexible, but also more efficient, as you won’t waste energy heating the whole oven when you’re rustling up some leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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    Roast, Bake and Steam to Perfection With Dual Cook Steam™

    Got some friends coming this weekend? Master that dinner party menu with Dual Cook Steam™. With 2 completely independent cooking zones in the oven, you can roast, bake and steam your way to culinary success. Steam a delicious fish dish while you bake a delicate soufflé at the same time, without any flavours mingling. It’s multitasking magic.

    Easy Cleaning With Pyrolytic & Catalytic Cleaning

    Yep, you read that right, some Samsung models even take care of the clean-up. Pyrolytic tech heats the oven, burning off any food splatters and grease, so all you have to do is wipe away the leftover ash. And with Catalytic cleaning, the oven is kitted out with nifty liners that absorb grease from splashes and drips during cooking – a once over with a cloth is all it takes. Now, if your famous lasagne bubbles over, you don’t need to reach for the scrubber.

    Personalised Recipes and Weekly Meal Plans

    With the Samsung SmartThings app, cooking for your loved ones is easy breezy. You can control your smart oven via your phone or tablet, so if you’re chilling with the family, just hit pre-heat and your oven will be ready when you are. Need a little help with dinner inspiration? No problem – it creates personalised recipes and weekly meal plans, making those shopping trips a walk in the park. You can even keep an eye on how much energy you’re using, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank when you go to make dinner.

    Shop Each Range

    Infinite Oven Range

    Made with top of the range materials and kitted out with some incredible features, the Infinite range is powerful, stylish and will give your kitchen a professional touch. Ready to feel like a Master Chef when you cook? Us too.

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    Dual Cook Flex™ and Dual Cook Range

    Be the master of multitasking – not only can you cook 2 dishes at different temperatures and settings, but the hinged door in these ovens lets you access the full cavity or just the top half. Let that apple crumble do its thing while you serve up the mains.

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    Compact Oven Range

    Don’t be fooled by the size, these ovens are small but mighty. With up to 50L of room inside, they can easily handle a roast turkey or big batch of mac and cheese. Plus, lots of models can microwave and grill too – all your cooking needs, tucked into one space.

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    Bespoke Oven Range

    Fancy some style but still want to keep things practical? Look no further than Samsung’s Bespoke range, where you can pick the colour that suits your space. Their latest combi steam oven can come with the matching Bespoke warming drawer and is available in Clean Navy or Satin Beige. Ready to give your friends some kitchen envy? We thought so.

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    Samsung has answered their most commonly asked questions on all things ‘ovens’. Take a look here if there’s anything you’re unsure of.