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    Samsung Q-Series Soundbars

    Hands up if you tick any of the following boxes: gamer, film fanatic, music lover. We’re sure that’s most of you. Well with a Samsung soundbar, you can boost your TV set-up to one that’s truly worthy of the big blockbusters, games and festivals. The Q-Series models come with loads of stunning sound technology that’s bound to make your jaw drop and your ears flutter. Intrigued? Read on to see what they’re all about.

    What's good about the Q-Series?

    Takes tuning to a whole new level

    Samsung’s SpaceFit Sound+* makes sure that the soundbar’s audio perfectly matches the room. There’s a microphone built into the subwoofer, which sends out a wave of sound when you’re setting it up. The sound will then bounce back off the furniture and walls, telling the soundbar the layout, shape and size of the room. Because it now knows its audience, it’ll adjust the frequency settings to give them a special show every time.

    *SpaceFit Sound+ only features on the Q950A & Q900A models.

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    Be mesmerised by the magic of sound

    Imagine yourself at the cinema for a few seconds. Your fist’s stuffed with popcorn, your mouth’s fizzing with pop and your ears are utterly filled with the captivating sounds of the big screen. Want that same experience at home? Dolby Atmos has got you covered. Because it’ll track every object’s direction on the screen, it’ll mimic the sound and bounce it across your room. So whether it’s your favourite bunch of superheroes battling it out on a New York street, or a young wizard throwing spells down the corridor, you’ll feel every movement racing through your ears. Spine-tingling good.

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    The perfect harmonies in every scene

    With Q-Symphony Sound, those show-stopping scenes and dramatic plot twists are about to get a whole lot more, well…dramatic. Once you’ve linked your soundbar to your Samsung TV, their sounds will sync and flood your room. And not only can you forget those moments where mouths don’t match voices, but you’ll get to experience the joys of a world-class, cinema-worthy sound from your sofa.

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    Other things to look out for...

    Never miss a murmur

    “Wait, what did she say?” You won’t be asking that question anymore if you buy a Q-Series Samsung soundbar. Each model has a speaker built into its centre, making every conversation on the screen clearer and more defined. If you want to go a bit further, some models come with an Active Voice Amplifier*. This monitors what’s going on in the background and adjusts the soundbar’s sound to suit. You’ll never miss a word even if someone’s hoovering through the best bits. Typical.

    *All Q-Series soundbars come with a built-in centre speaker, but only Q950A, Q900A & Q800A come with Active Voice Amplifier.

    Gives each scene the VIP treatment

    Samsung’s Adaptive Sound matches the audio to the scene. It’ll analyse what’s happening on the screen, and adjust the volume to suit it. For example, if there’s an all singing and all dancing moment going on, it’ll turn it up so you can feel alive with the music. Or, if something’s taken a turn and you’ve had to dig out the tissue box, it’ll lower it so you can quietly wallow in a pool of your own tears.

    Tap for bops

    Sometimes, blaring out playlists from your phone just doesn’t hit the spot. If you’ve got a Samsung soundbar, just tap your phone onto it and they’ll connect in a second. Your tune will then automatically start playing out the soundbar. How great is that?

    Every gamer’s dream

    With Game Mode Pro, the top spot is yours for the taking. Once you’ve turned on your console, it’ll automatically connect to the soundbar and sync the sound. From there, you’ll hear every gunshot on the battlefield and every police siren flying through the streets in more detail than ever before.


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