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    Samsung’s RS8000 range of American fridge freezers

    Wanting to freshen up your fridge freezer and your kitchen at the same time? Samsung’s new RS8000 range will do just that. Each model is really roomy, gorgeous to look at (swoon) and loaded with cool tech. Take a scroll to find out what they can do for you.

    What features do these models have?

    More space for cake

    It’s not often that you get to size up your fridge freezer without losing room in the kitchen. Because these models come with SpaceMax™ tech, their insulated walls are much slimmer than what they would be usually, giving you more room inside without compromising performance.

    Say goodbye to mingling flavours

    Twin Cooling Plus™ helps keep your food fresh for up to twice as long*. There’s a different cooling system in the fridge and freezer, meaning that the air in one won’t ever cross paths with the air in the other. This stops odours mixing too, so your punnet of berries in the fridge will never start to taste like your leftover fish pie in the freezer.

    *Compared to RSA1UHMG1/XEF

    Sleek and cheerful

    These models are not only nice to look at, but they’re really clever too. If you need more cooling space, Smart Conversion™ lets you transform the freezer into a second fridge. It’ll also let you flick between 5 different modes, including one that’s designed to save energy. The ball is entirely in your court with this one.

    They’ve got your back

    Samsung fridge freezers are always built with top-notch care, great craftsmanship and the best materials around. However, if heaven forbid something does go wrong with your model, its 5 year manufacturer warranty* will have you covered.

    *All claims to be made through the Samsung website within 90 days of purchase. For more information, or to register your warranty click here.

    Samsung RS8000 RS68A8820SL American Fridge Freezer - Aluminium

    This Samsung American fridge freezer will leave other models quaking in their boots. It’s really stylish and is specially designed to give you more room inside without taking up space in the kitchen. Twin Cooling Plus™ keeps the fridge and freezer at the perfect humidity too, so all your tomatoes and cucumbers will stay bursting with goodness for longer. It’s even got a digital inverter motor, which is built with brushless magnets to make it quieter and more efficient. And if you need a little more fridge space one weekend (BBQ, anyone?), just flick a switch and the freezer will transform into a second fridge. Perfect.

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    How will one of these models benefit me?

    More room without the bulk

    SpaceMax™ tech gives you a bigger fridge freezer on the inside, without making the dimensions bigger on the outside. The walls are a lot thinner than they are on standard models, creating more storage space for your groceries without compromising performance.

    Save some moolah

    Since Twin Cooling Plus™ keeps the humidity in the fridge and freezer steady, your groceries will stay really fresh. It also stops odours moving between shelves and drawers. Just what you need for cutting down food waste and saving some pennies. Go you.

    Splash your kitchen in finesse

    If you’re looking to add some style to your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. These sleek models come with flat, streamlined doors, dipped handles and modern water dispensers. Gorgeous – it’s as simple as that.

    You’ll never need to worry about a breakdown

    Because they’re made with the finest handywork and materials around, they’re built to last. Accidents do happen though, so if something goes wrong, the 5 year manufacturer warranty has got your back.


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