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    Swan espresso coffee machines

    Picture this – you’ve just opened your eyes, you’ve pulled back your duvet and you’ve finally prised yourself out of bed. You’ll probably need a cup of joe next to put that much-needed pep in your step. That’s where an espresso machine comes into play – they’re easy (and fun) to use, quick to clean and more importantly, they’re a one-stop shop for the best tasting drinks around. Let’s go!

    What is an espresso coffee machine?

    You know all of those fancy devices that your local barista uses every time you pay them a visit? Well, an espresso coffee machine is an easy way to get involved yourself. Once you’ve compacted your grounds into the filter (fancy device), you’ll get what’s called a puck of coffee. The machine will then force pressurised water through it to give you a thick, concentrated espresso. But, if you’re in the mood for a latte or a flat white instead, all models will have a milk frother/steam wand for adding that creamy finish.

    Swan espresso machines

    Swan Retro SK22110BN Espresso Coffee Machine

    Want beautiful coffee from the comfort of your own home? This Swan espresso machine has got everything you need. Its double spout lets you make two cups at once (less waiting around), and the 2-cup filter is perfect for getting the most out of your grounds. There’s even a handy milk frother for whipping up those silky smooth finishes – great for turning your feisty espressos into luxury lattes and cappuccinos. And when you’re all done, just remove the drip tray for easy cleaning. The 2 year manufacturer warranty has got you covered in case anything goes wrong too.

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    What are the benefits of a Swan espresso machine?

    One for you, one for them

    Because Swan espresso machines come with double spouts, you can make two drinks at once. This means you’ll never have to go through the coffee-making process twice – perfect for those morning brunch dates with a friend. Less waiting around, more catching up.

    Get the barista experience at home

    If you love going to the coffee house because they can cater your cup to your needs, a Swan espresso machine is the one for you. You’ll be able to choose the right temperature for you, and there’s also a handy milk frother for getting that perfect consistency.

    The best flavours in every cup

    With special filters, Swan’s range of espresso machines will never disappoint your taste buds. All models come with 2-cup filters, which let you get two shots of great-tasting coffee out of one set of grounds. Ahh, bliss.

    A doddle to clean

    If you hate cleaning as much as we do, a Swan espresso machine is the answer to your prayers. Once you’re all brewed up and you’ve taken your first sip, just slide out the drip tray and rinse it at the sink. We’ve told you, easy.


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