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    Best Coffee Machines 2022

    Kettle and jar of instant just not doing it for you anymore? Come on, it’s time you stepped up your coffee game. If you’re ready to commit to the cause (yay!), or if you’re just here for a browse, we’ve picked out our favourite one from each range for you to peruse as you please.

    Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

    Whether you’re new to the bean-to-cup world, or you’ve got a drawer full to the brim with bags of boujee beans from around the world, this coffee machine is sure to get the taste buds tingling.

    De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

    • Choose which drink you’d like from 5 programmes
    • Nifty heating plate on top keeps cups warm and ready to be used
    • Can be used with ground coffee or beans

    Keep what you’d usually spend at the café in your pocket, and enjoy barista-style coffee at home with this De’Longhi ECAM44.660.B. There are 5 programmes to choose from, so if you enjoy hard-hitting espressos and creamy cappuccinos, you’ll always be able to find the right one to suit your mood. If you love your coffee in a warm mug, just pop your cup on the special heating plates on top of the machine, and it’ll be nice and toasty by the time your drink is ready. And, whether you’re up for grinding your own beans or you can’t let go of a beloved ground blend, this machine takes both.

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    The coffee-tunities are endless!

    Memory Function

    If your overly-specific order would typically put you on the receiving end of some serious eye-rolling, this model’s memory function saves all your favourite drinks, exactly how you like them. So, if you prefer your latte with extra whipped milk, or your flat white piping hot, you’ll be able to get those café-quality results you love the most, just without the sass.

    LatteCrema Technology

    De’Longhi’s LatteCrema technology really does put everything into making the best drinks. Did you know that for the perfect cappuccino, the temperature should be 60-65°C, and the foam should be 1.5 times thicker than the actual coffee? That’s what this model specialises in, and because it uses the perfect ratio, the froth is not only bubbled to perfection, but it’ll stick around until the last drop too.

    Milk Menu

    Do you like your milk whipped and frothy? Or, how about smooth and creamy? Whichever way, you can select your preferred from the special milk menu, and it’ll cater each coffee to complement your tastes. This means you can enjoy delicious macchiatos and beautiful café au laits, and you’ll never be disappointed.

    Automatic Cleaning

    You hate cleaning, we hate cleaning, we get it. You won’t have to worry about that with this machine though, because the milk carafe comes with an automatic cleaning programme that flushes the pipes with steam and water to keep it in tip-top shape. Everything else is heat resistant too, and can be popped straight into the dishwasher.

    Best Pod Coffee Machine

    There’s something satisfying about using coffee pods. Maybe it’s the moment you hear the film being pierced inside the machine? Just us? Moving on. If you love great flavour, lots of choice and just all around simplicity, we think you’ll like this model.

    Nespresso by Magimix Essenza Mini & Milk 11377

    • Compatible with the full range of Nespresso® coffee
    • Light and compact design looks great on any worktop
    • Removable drip tray keeps mess to a minimum

    Complete the most perfect breakfast in bed set-up with this Nespresso by Magimix 11377. Whether you need a kick of espresso to prise you out from under the covers, or a silky latte to enjoy whilst reading the paper, this model can be used with the full range of Nespresso® coffee, so you’ll have lots of choice. It’s really light and compact too, meaning it’ll look flawless in any kitchen, and thanks to the removable drip tray, it couldn’t be easier to keep clean.

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    Why this one?

    2 Programmable Cup Sizes

    Nothing beats a coffee in the right glass. If you flit between espressos and americanos, you can switch between the 2 different cup sizes to get it bang on every time. Even if you just want to use your favourite chunky mug, it’s great for that too, and you’ll never be left guessing when to hit stop and start.

    Aeroccino Milk Frothing System

    Even though this is an espresso pod machine, the Aeroccino milk frothing system lets you make your favourite lattes and macchiatos too. Depending on what you’re making, it’ll whip milk into the perfect texture to suit each drink. Once you’ve added it into your coffee shot, voilà!

    Heats up in 25 seconds

    Some mornings can be hectic! You either miss your alarm or you’re late for the train. Well, one thing that won’t hold you back is this model’s fast heat up time. It only takes 25 seconds, so you can be out the door in no time.

    Automatic switch off after 9 minutes

    It’ll automatically turn off after 9 minutes of no activity, so it’s never an issue if you forget to flick it off on your way out.

    Best Espresso Machine

    The secret recipe for the perfect espresso is simple - coffee, water and the right amount of pressure. The pressure bit can be hard to get right though, but this model will take care of that for you. Tempted? Us too.

    Sage The Barista Pro SES878BSS Espresso Coffee Machine with Integrated Burr Grinder

    • Compatible with all your favourite coffee beans
    • Comes with a removable water tank for easy filling
    • Auto Clean function keeps it hygienic and running smoothly

    Get the kick-start you need in the morning with this Sage SES878BSS model. You can use it with any type of coffee bean, whether that’s your most cherished blend imported from Brazil, or your go-to choice from Starbucks. The removable water tank just pulls out too, making it easy to refill when you need. And, because it automatically cleans itself after each use, you’ll never find yourself shoving a pipe cleaner inside to reach all the fiddly bits. Who’s up for latte art?

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    And if that's not convinced you...

    Fast Heat Up

    Gone are the days of leaning against the worktop, patiently (or not so) waiting for your coffee machine to heat up. This one has a ThermoJet system that’ll warm it up really fast, and takes no longer than 3 seconds to transform your chosen bean into the perfect little shot of the finest espresso.

    Microfoam Milk Technology

    To get the milk to be smooth and silky, it needs to go through a specific journey. This model comes with special technology, which applies the perfect amount of pressure to create thousands of tiny bubbles, and uses the ideal temperature to bring out its beautifully-sweet flavour. It’s all in the detail.

    PID Temperature Control

    PID temperature control keeps the temperature of the water consistent, from the moment it first touches your beans, to the moment it hits the bottom of your cup. This helps to extract the finest flavours possible, giving you the best-tasting, café-esque drink you could ever hope for.

    Built-in Burr Grinder

    A teaspoon here, a teaspoon there, who’s to say what the acceptable amount of coffee per cup is? This machine knows exactly how much each drink needs. It comes with a built-in burr grinder that’ll automatically work it out for you, and it’ll do so at the quick touch of a fingertip.

    Best Filter Coffee Machine

    If it’s good enough for the gang at Central Perk, it’s good enough for us. A trendy staple in American sitcoms and an all-time favourite at the diner, a filter machine is sure to hit that sweet spot every time.

    Smeg DCF02SSUK Filter Coffee Machine with Timer

    • Makes up to 10 cups at once
    • Comes with a built-in timer that’ll let you know when it’s ready
    • Retro glass jug – sturdy and looks cool

    Grab your fresh brew and relax on the couch with this Smeg DCF02SSUK filter coffee machine. If you’re hanging out with your friends, this model can make up to 10 cups at once, so there’ll always be enough to go around. If you’re busy catching up on how everyone’s doing, you’ll never have to worry about over-heating your blend, because the built-in timer will ping at you when it’s ready to serve. And, whether you’re the Rachel or Joey of the bunch, you’ll always look the part carrying the retro glass jug (had to be done, sorry).

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    Why it's a must-have

    Aroma Intensity Button

    Unlike tea, there are no wrongs or rights with coffee. The Aroma Intensity button makes it easy to suit even the most diverse pallets, from richly aromatic blends to more mellow flavours. Whichever way, you can just use the controls to get the perfect strength and taste every time.

    Keep Warm Function

    No one’s going to judge you for gossiping (fill us in later?), but we will if you let your coffee go cold. That’s a problem you won’t have with this model, because the Keep Warm function means it’ll stay heated until you’re ready for the next dose. Did someone say cookie?

    Best All-Rounder

    If you’re stuck umming and ahhing on one of the above, below is what we like to call the “all-rounder”. It’s just as great for espressos as it is for lattes, and with everything from tech to style, it’s a brilliant choice.

    Sage The Oracle Touch SES990BSS Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

    • Can be used with any coffee beans
    • Grinds, doses and tamps for you, all at the touch of a button
    • Automatic cleaning system keeps it in tip-top condition

    Bask in the best of both worlds with this Sage SES990BSS model. It can be used with any of your favourite coffee beans, and as it’ll grind, dose and tamp them for you, you’re always guaranteed to get the most beautiful-tasting drink each time. There’s a special programme that automatically flushes the pipes too, so cleaning it will never be an issue, because you’ll never have to do it – bonus!

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    What makes this one so great?

    Memory Function

    Thanks to the memory function, you can enjoy silky lattes with extra foam, and punching espressos with double shots. It saves your most frequently enjoyed drinks and any twists you’ve put on them, so you’ll never have to remember your order again.

    14 Pre-Programmed Drinks

    With 14 pre-programmed drinks to choose from, you’ll always find a coffee to suit the mood. Be it an indulgent macchiato, a light flat white or a fluffy cappuccino, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

    Automatic Milk Texturing

    Have you ever paid good money for a coffee that just didn’t hit the spot? Same. The automatic milk texturing feature uses the optimum temperature and pressure needed to get the best out of your milk. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that you’ll never feel fobbed off again.

    Integrated Water Filter

    The integrated water filter keeps everything tasting great. By removing any impurities from your water as it passes through, it not only helps to bring out the best flavours from your beans, but you’ll always get fresh drinks too.

    Deciding on the next step in your coffee journey is a big move, and a tough one at that, so we hope this helped. If you’ve still got more questions, you can always check out our other guides, or contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.