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    What are Ultra HD Certified TVs?

    Find out everything you need to know about Ultra HD Certified TVs and how this clever tech can transform your home entertainment experience.

    All 4K TVs offer you incredible picture clarity, but some on the market are more detailed and vivid than others. An easy way to find these higher quality TVs is to look out for an Ultra HD Certification logo. The logo is a seal of approval that tells you that the TV has been recognised for offering a true Ultra High Definition experience. This sought-after award is granted by DIGITALEUROPE or Eurofins, two of the world's leading quality assurance organisations.

    Certified Ultra HD Premium

    We all know how great 4K TVs are. Sharp, vivid and detailed. But, if you want the cherry on top of the icing on top of the 4K cake - you need to keep an eye out for a Certified Ultra HD Premium TV. The Premium Certification is confirmation that the model you're looking at really is the gold medal standard. TVs with this logo have two key features that set them apart and get you closer to a more lifelike picture. They can produce a wider range of colour to give you mindblowing detail, while HDR ramps up the contrast to make everything look incredibly realistic. Click here to find out more about HDR.

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    Ultra HD (UHD) Certified

    With a Certified TV, true UHD standards have been met. Every single pixel is fully coloured, so you’re still getting a much higher quality image than on a non-certified TV. This means you’ll enjoy a super-sharp picture whatever you’re watching.

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    Not just for TVs

    TVs aren’t the only thing invited to the Certified Ultra HD Premium party. There are plenty of Blu-Ray Players that are given this special seal of approval too. These clever models let you enjoy your Blu-Ray films in incredible detail and lifelike colours with HDR. They also pack in high quality audio, so the amazing picture is accompanied by a stunning sound. When you partner a Certified Ultra HD Premium Blu-ray player with a Certified TV, you’ll enjoy an unrivalled cinema experience, right in the comfort of your own living room.

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