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Freestanding dishwasher installation

Find out everything you need to know about our freestanding dishwasher installation service.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): a note to our customers

We’re still delivering to our customers safely by follow social distancing guidelines, and we would appreciate it if you could work with us to do the same upon delivery and throughout any installation service by keeping your distance and waiting in another room. We recommend that you clean surfaces and handles once any installation is completed as an extra precaution. Drivers have been given gloves and facemasks and are encouraged to wear them – if your driver isn’t then please feel free to ask them to wear them.

We are offering installation services for:

  • All refrigeration appliances
  • Cooking products (except for LPG models)
  • All washing machines and washer dryers
  • Condenser and some heat pump tumble dryers
  • All dishwashers
  • Laptop set up (this is a virtual service)

We’re taking a sensible approach to the evolving situation and reintroducing our services when we can safely do so. As such, we’re not offering installation on:

  • LPG cooking
  • TV to wall installation
  • Vented tumble dryers
  • Unpack & inspect

Our fully trained team will get your new freestanding dishwasher set up and ready to start using for just £30. Interested? Find out about everything that’s included in this service and what you can do to prepare for us.

What we'll do

Getting your new freestanding dishwasher installed is no problem for us. Here’s everything we’ll take care of.

  • Once we arrive, we’ll unpack everything for you. Don’t worry about space in the bin. We’ll take all the packaging with us when we leave.
  • We’ll connect your dishwasher up to your water and electrical supply, and then get it safely in position.
  • Once it’s fitted, we’ll snap a quick picture of your new dishwasher for our records.
  • Chosen our Remove & Recycle service? Then we’ll take away your old appliance when we leave.

What you need to do

We’ll get everything sorted on delivery day, but there are a few things you need to do and check before we arrive.

  • Make sure we’ve got clear access to the kitchen and that your new dishwasher will fit. Take a look at our measurement guide to make measuring up easy.
  • You’ll need to have your old appliance disconnected and out of the way. Want one less job to do? Go with our disconnection service and we’ll take care of it when we arrive.
  • There’ll need to be a standard plug socket within 1 metre of where your new dishwasher is going. There’ll also need to be a cold water supply and waste hose connector behind it. Can’t see these? Get in touch to see if we can still install for you.
  • If your new dishwasher is going next to a washing machine, then you’ll need a Y piece to split the cold water supply between the two appliances. If you’re replacing an old dishwasher, you should already have one. Don’t have one? You can find them in any hardware store.

What we don't cover

Here’s everything our installation service doesn’t cover.

  • If your new dishwasher is hardwired or there isn’t a standard plug within 1 metre of where it’s going, we won’t be able to install.
  • If there’s an issue with your plumbing, we won’t be able to install. If your water flow is acting up or you’re missing necessary parts, we’ll have to rearrange.
  • We can’t make any changes to the plumbing in your house.
  • Dishwashers don’t have test cycles like washing machines, so we’ll leave the first wash to you once we’re all done with the installation.


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