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Freestanding fridge & freezer installation

Find out everything you need to know about our freestanding fridge & freezer installation service.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): a note to our customers

We’re still delivering to our customers safely by follow social distancing guidelines, and we would appreciate it if you could work with us to do the same upon delivery and throughout any installation service by keeping your distance and waiting in another room. We recommend that you clean surfaces and handles once any installation is completed as an extra precaution. Drivers have been given gloves and facemasks and are encouraged to wear them – if your driver isn’t then please feel free to ask them to wear them.

We are offering installation services for:

  • All refrigeration appliances
  • Cooking products (except for LPG models)
  • All washing machines and washer dryers
  • Condenser and some heat pump tumble dryers
  • All dishwashers
  • Laptop set up (this is a virtual service)

We’re taking a sensible approach to the evolving situation and reintroducing our services when we can safely do so. As such, we’re not offering installation on:

  • LPG cooking
  • TV to wall installation
  • Vented tumble dryers
  • Unpack & inspect

Our fully trained team will get your freestanding fridge, freezer or fridge freezer set up and ready to go from just £10. Find out what’s included in this service and what you can do to prepare for us.

What we'll do

We’ll get everything set up for you without any problems. Here’s everything we’ll take care of.

  • We’ll unpack your new fridge or freezer before setting it up where you want it and making sure it’s level.
  • Does your new fridge have a water dispenser? We’ll hook it up to a cold water supply for you. Make sure you check the manufacturer website to see how close the fridge or freezer needs to be to the water supply.
  • Gone for an American Fridge freezer? Fine choice. They’re quite big, but we can remove their doors to help get them inside. We’ll reattach everything once we’ve got the fridge freezer in place. Just so you know, if it’s raining and we need to take the doors off, we might not be able to complete the delivery.
  • Chosen Remove & Recycle? We’ll take your old fridge or freezer when we leave.

What you need to do

Before we arrive, there’s just a few things that we need you to do and check.

  • If you’re going large with an American fridge freezer, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room for us to get it into your home safely.
  • Make sure your old fridge or freezer is unplugged and out of the way when we arrive.
  • If the space for your new fridge or freezer needs a clean, please can you do this before we arrive.
  • There’ll need to be a 3-pin socket (a regular plug socket) within a metre of where your new fridge or freezer will be. Otherwise, an extension lead will do the trick.
  • Once we’ve set up your fridge or freezer, you’ll need to leave it to stand for 4 hours before you turn it on. This lets the cooling gases settle.

What we don't cover

Here’s everything our installation service doesn’t cover.

  • We won’t turn on your fridge or freezer because it needs 4 hours to let the cooling gases settle. Just don’t forget to turn it on later, unless you want your milk to be lukewarm.
  • We won’t make any changes to your property. We’re only here to install your new fridge or freezer.
  • If door handles need attaching to your fridge or freezer, we’ll leave that to you.
  • We’ll remove all the outer packaging, but we’ll leave any wrapping that’s inside to you. We don’t like to root around too much.
  • If you want a door reversal service, you’ll need to book it in the basket. If you haven’t ordered it, we won’t swap the doors around.
  • We only install fridges and freezers that use a 3-pin plug and socket. We don’t hardwire them.


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