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Coffee machine buying guide

Pick out the perfect coffee machine with our guide.

Looking to give your daily cup of coffee a boost? Check out our range of great coffee machines here.


For a quick and easy way to soothe your morning craving, pod coffee machines are the way to go. Just press the button and it filters water through ground coffee in the pod, pouring you the perfect cup.

Some models come with a milk frother, so you’ll have a wide range of drinks at your disposal. You can even program different sizes of coffee to suit everyone’s tastes, from a sharp espresso to a luxurious lungo.

Pod coffee machines


Perfect for anyone who enjoys a simple cup of coffee, filter machines offer great value for money. With a large capacity for plenty of java, you’ll be everyone’s favourite person in the morning.

If you need help waking up, some filter coffee machines come with timers. So you can kick your day into gear with a freshly brewed cup as soon as your alarm interrupts that superhero dream you were having.

Filter coffee machines


With an espresso machine, you can create barista-style coffee with some serious equipment. Using ground coffee to make a shot of espresso, a lot of models have steam arms or milk frothers for silky smooth cappuccinos or awesome latte art.

If you want to expertly craft yourself the perfect coffee, we’ve got a model for you. Some of our espresso machines let you tinker with every bit of detail for your coffee, like precise pressure control that prevents bitter flavours from spoiling that personal cup.

Espresso coffee machines


Bean-to-cup machines are perfect for bringing the coffee shop experience home with you. Grinding fresh coffee beans for each cup you make, you can get your perfect drink at the touch of a button.

Keep an eye out for models that have a built-in milk frother, perfect for deliciously smooth cappuccinos. Other models have a double shot espresso function, so you’re always prepared for what the day throws at you.

Bean-to-cup machines

Coffee grinders

We’ve also got a range of coffee grinders available to go with your machine. With different grind settings, you’ll be able to choose how you like your coffee, giving you complete control over your caffeine fix right from the off.

Coffee grinders

Ready to go?

Now that you’re all clued up, we’ve put together a list of Best Buys that are definitely worth a look. Or, if you’re still not sure, we’ve got a bit more information on the different kinds of coffee machines and we’ve put together a coffee lover’s guide to pod machines too.