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    Adjustable zones


    Are you tired of waiting for large pans to heat up over tiny rings? Us too. Thankfully, we’ve got a bunch of cookers and hobs that are kitted out with adjustable zones. Some adapt their size and heat to match your saucepans while others let you combine zones. Now you can make the most of your space, it’s time to dust off those big pots at the back of the cupboard.


    One zone fits all

    We know mealtimes don’t always go to plan, so having some extra flexibility in the kitchen is handy. An adjustable zone gives you just that – switching its size to meet your every need. Whether there’s been a last-minute recipe change or extra people have decided to join for dinner, you’ll have all the room you need for skillets, casserole dishes and more (literally).

    Big portion? No problem

    So, you’ve just got the call – the kids are bringing friends over and you need to break out the big pasta pot. Because adjustable zones increase the heat to match the size of your pans, waiting for that water to boil won’t be like watching paint dry. That spaghetti will be bubbling away before you know it – best start prepping the Bolognese and garlic bread.

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    Stoves FreedomFLEX™

    With FreedomFLEX™, you can place your pans wherever you want. The fully zoneless surface means there are no hob rings limiting your options – go ahead and sauté a few extra veggies. And since the induction tech detects your pans to heat up the space your using, it’s more energy efficient. Double win. Time to enjoy some extra freedom while you cook.

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    Also look out for…


    Tired of your pans teetering over tiny hob rings? The Link+™ feature lets you customise your hob to suit your pots. Using its simple touch controls and special bridging tech, you can pair zones together to make a larger cooking area. That means there’s plenty of room to wok up a tasty stir fry while you get to work on the sides. Delish.

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    The MaxiSense® feature on this induction hob detects the size and shape of your pans, however big or small they are. By doing this, it knows exactly where your pots are and only sends heat to that area. As energy isn’t being wasted around the outside of the zones, the surface is cool to touch everywhere else. This means it’s not only really efficient, but it’s super-safe too.

    Combi Duo

    With Combi Duo, you’ll never be short on space. It lets you combine two single zones to create one large cooking area that’s perfect for your large pans and casserole dishes. Now you can dust off that big pot at the back of the cupboard and batch cook to your heart’s content.

    Flex Zone Plus

    Samsung’s Flex Zone Plus gives you the freedom to prepare delicious recipes however you choose. It can be divided into 4 separate zones for when you’re cooking multiple dishes at once or used as a single large area to accommodate casserole pots, skillets and more. Having a customisable hob surface means not only can you save time and energy, but you can really start to flex your culinary muscles too.