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    Super Quiet Dishwashers


    Say goodbye to the background buzz of the dishwasher as it runs through the wash cycle. With the latest super quiet designs, whether it’s a silent programme or a quiet inverter motor, you’ll barely notice your appliance is on.


    Great for open plan living

    When your dishwasher’s designed to be super quiet, there won’t be any background hum travelling through the house. So, if your kids are trying to study, or you’re settling down to catch up on a boxset, you can still clear away the mealtime mess and have sparkling dishes by the end of the evening.

    Peace and quiet

    Super quiet dishwashers are usually quieter than 50 dB, about the same level as a quiet conversation. That means you can run it at night without disturbing light sleepers. You can also run it during the day while you’re working from home (and no one on the video call will know).

    Also look out for…


    Siemens’ iQdrive helps you get the most out of your appliance. It uses brushless magnets rather than the various moving parts that a normal model does, creating much less friction inside the dishwasher. This not only makes it quieter to run, but also means it’ll take longer to wear down. So, you’ll never have to deal with those annoying rattling sounds, and you’ll rest easy knowing that it won’t need replacing any time soon.

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    Super silent

    No one likes a noisy dishwasher rattling around the kitchen when they’re trying to watch telly. That’s why Super silent uses a quiet inverter motor and special insulation to keep the noise to around 41dB – about the same level as a library. So, whether you’re catching up with friends or the latest boxset, you won’t have any interruptions.

    Whisper Quiet

    Because these models are Whisper Quiet, you won’t have to shout over a background buzz. They have a sound level of around 44dB, so you’ll barely even notice they’re on. This makes them perfect for open-plan homes and it means you can carry on the conversation without having to move to another room.

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    Silent Program

    Whether you have an open-plan kitchen or prefer to get the after-dinner clean-up done at night, the Silent Programme keeps noise to a minimum. It reduces the sound level by 2dB during the wash cycle, meaning you won’t even know when it’s on. Having a natter in the kitchen? You won’t be disturbed by the dishwasher anymore.