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    Convertible Space


    Short on fridge space but there’s tons of room in the freezer? Thankfully these fridge freezers free up storage by offering convertible space. By switching unused freezer room to fridge space or vice versa, you can rest assured you’ll always have somewhere to chill your greens and keep the ice cream.


    Super adjustable storage

    Convertible space means the days of stacking groceries are long gone. Highly adaptable to your shopping needs, it lets you switch unused freezer space into extra fridge room in a pinch. And if you’re in need of a place to stash that soft scoop, some models can drop sections of your fridge to temperatures as low as -20°C – ideal for that second tub of raspberry ripple.

    Waste not want not

    With more room for family favourites, food waste is down to a minimum. That means no more throwing out condiments to make room for that extra-large pizza – there’s space for it all.

    Also look out for...

    Fridge Freezers

    Convertible Space

    Keep your food storage flexible with the handy Convertible Space. It switches from a freezer to a fridge with just one touch, giving you an extra 33% of room to store your fruit and veg. Not sure what temperature is best? Then just choose from one of the six automatic settings to give your fresh ingredients a perfect home. No more cramming the lettuce in beside the tomatoes – sounds good to us.

    My Fresh Choice

    Hisense’s My Fresh Choice zone lets you change it from a fridge to a freezer in minutes. If you’ve got some chicken fillets that are about to go to waste, but you’re stuck for freezer space, just flick the switch and the temperature will drop from 5°c to -20°c. In fact, whatever you’re keeping inside, you’ll be able to create the perfect climate for each and every ingredient.

    American Fridge Freezers

    Multi-temperature compartment

    The Multi-temperature compartment is a great way to turn your freezer into a fridge. Just push the button and it’ll switch to cool, so you’ll have the extra space you need for those cocktail sausages. And when the party’s over, you can change it back again. It has different temperatures to choose from as well, meaning you’ll always have the best conditions to suit what’s inside. Neat.

    Smart Conversion

    Always short on storage when it comes to the weekly shop? Your gorgeous greens will get the TLC they deserve in the flexible Smart Conversion compartment. Fully customisable, you can use it to keep more fresh fruit or veg, or even turn off either your fridge or freezer when they’re not needed. That means plenty of space with a side of savings. Delish.

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